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Look Who's Blogging on Monday!

Today's photographs are a tribute to my kind friends, the wonderful gardeners who are kind enough to share their beautiful work with me, and you, for that matter. The new header is from Lois's garden, which did not impress Angela all that much, but it sure impresses me.

Here's a beautiful iris from Regina's back garden, aptly named "Regina's Iris.And next up from Eric's garden, some gorgeous hollyhocks, which are mostly associated with the North. Apparently, if you know what you are doing, you can grow these beauties in Florida. Hollyhocks were one of Mom Peck's favorite flowers, probably because they reminded her of her mother's garden in New York
Aren't they a beautiful shade of pink, or I guess I should say, pinks!

Since our last get together, we've had Jeff and Connie over for dinner Friday night, Saturday market, pedicure, shared a good time with an English couple at Graffiti Junktion (not a typo!), and then Sunday at Eola. All well and good, however, if I dare admit it, the climax to my weekend was the delivery of the zebra chair on Sunday night. Fantastic!!! Mr. Richard, the upholsterer, outdid himself!

You will be seeing his handiwork just the minute I can adequately photograph its' charm. Is it possible for a chair to have charm? In this case, I think so. Not fair you say--she tempts us, and then producing nothing. It's just that the weather is so gloomy this morning, following a stormy night. The thunderstorms and wind woke us several times. According to our rain gauge, more than two inches of rain fell. The light is just too poor to get anything, but I promise, you'll be seeing it in due time.

Actually, aside from the markets, most of what we did was very last minute. Jeff asked Bruce if we'd meet them for drinks, which I agreed to, and actually dressed for, until I realized how much nicer it would be if they just came to the house for dinner. Those of you who know me well, know that entertaining at the last minute is not my style. Instead I prefer to plan it out, spending lots of time preparing the meal. Well, who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Once I got the affirmative, I headed to Publix for some supplies. About an hour or so later, we enjoyed a lovely meal together. As you may recall, Bruce was traveling most of the week, so he was delighted to relax in his lovely new home after dinner!

As for the pedicure, I realized at Saturday's market how, once again, I'd neglected to keep myself groomed as well as I should. After unloading, I was fortunate to get an appointment with Rudy, the girl I've been using for a year, or so. My color, you ask? Baguette me Not. A lovely shade of coral for spring.

Arriving at Graffiti Junktion, I said to Bruce, "We're the oldest folks in the place," which was mostly true. Maybe that's why we ended up chatting with the English couple, the second oldest couple in the place, seated behind us. Eventually, we gathered at one table, sharing my gigantic serving of nachos. When I say gigantic, I'm definitely not exaggerating--they serve it on a 16" pizza pan, with only a $10 price tag. My failing memory does not allow for name recall, but they were very fun to be around. He has a construction company near Clearwater, cleverly calling it BBC, which stands for Beach Building Company. Gin & Tonic flowed.

No rain at the market on Sunday!! Now, that's headline news my friends. The weather is warming up quickly now; before you know it, instead of the cold, I'll be cursing the heat. Crowds were pretty good, and sales not too bad. One couple ended up buying 10 things for their beach house in New Smyrna, if you can imagine. Get this, turns out they live in one of the huge houses just down the street on Summerlin. Small, small world.

To date, I've been unsuccessful in convincing Rick Flair to pose for the cameraVery pretty, don't you think?
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