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Now That's More Like It!

Much improved my dear ones. Against my better judgement I visited Dr. Smuckler yesterday morning; he thinks it was merely a viral infection of some sorts. Because I've gone more than two years avoiding medical treatment, he suggested I have some blood work--I'm still pondering that.

Caveat--I began this post last Friday afternoon, abandoning it when Michelle called needing some decorating advice. Meeting her at Colonial Plaza, we spent the next five hours shopping, pondering, and a little decorating as well. As it was Friday night by now, I kept thinking Bruce must have fallen asleep at home, otherwise I'd have heard from him. Indeed, returning home around 8, I found him fast asleep on the couch. It's been a rough couple of months for my dear Brucer.

There is nothing quite like flowering trees is there?
Spring green on the oaks is pretty awesome as well!

Finally I got a haircut which looks only so-so. She thinned it all out in the back, leaving the rest with a blunt cut which I don't think suits me very well. Note to self--find someone new!!

On my way home, after picking up some delicious orange juice at Red Hill Groves on Conway Road, I stopped in the peacock neighborhood. One of the best things about my current gig is meeting interesting people. This little stop did not disappoint in that category. This male apparently goes by the name of Sparky. He, of course, did not tell me his name, however the woman sitting in her yard feeding about ten peacocks and peahens did. According to her, he is quite the show off, and will keep his feathers out for quite some time. The stud of the neighborhood, if you will.

Further discussion revealed that she moved to the neighborhood three years ago with some trepidation from College Park. After losing her business she was forced to downsize and move to Conway--a part of town she was unfamiliar with. All she knew was that it is generally cheaper to live in Conway than it is in College Park. What was so cool about our chat is that now she feels like she's living in the Garden of Eden (her words) after allowing her yard to become a haven for the peacocks. Who knew I'd run into a philosophy session? Her neighbor across the street does not share her enthusiasm for the many peacocks that roam their neighborhood, telling me that when he first moved in he was enamored of them, however, now he thinks they are a pain in the ass.

There's something about spring that makes me all the more camera crazy. As such, I've been experimenting once again with all of the beautiful produce available.Having a skylight in the garage is so perfect!

Back to the doctor visit. I was nearly crazed by the time I was called back--more than an hour late. It wasn't the wait that bothered me, but the blaring television, particularly the "Weather on the Ones" segments. How, pray tell can people have a job where being right 50% of the time is acceptable?

And speaking of things that bother me--I was SHOCKED to learn the other day that 47% of Americans pay NO federal income tax? What kind of a system is this??? I'm particularly cranky about it after learning from Olga yesterday that I'll be writing a check tomorrow for more than $2,000. You can bet we've already paid in a hefty chunk, but apparently they want more. I asked her how can this be? Our hard work is the culprit. After being so jazzed about my paltry sales, turns out they are costing me big time. What's a girl to do?

Doctor visit times three: When I was younger I found it fairly easy to block noise out, well, maybe not easy, but doable. Increasingly this is becoming more difficult. Some of it is also loss of concentration I'm afraid. At any rate, I did bring along a book given to me by Angela because she hated it. After a little bit of a slow start, I discovered why it was so popular. On Saturday I brought it to the market, and it was a darn good thing because it was super slow. This in turn allowed me to finish the book. Are you dying to know what the name? Shall I keep you in suspense any longer? Maybe.

I will tell you the ending had me in tears which at home works just fine but in a public place is a little less convenient. I cry all the time at the movies, but rarely out in the bright sunshine in a parking lot. With about only four pages to go, at one of the most critical moments, a man came up with some blah blah about a new product and how I'd receive a free personal training session, going on and on before I abruptly stopped him and said--leave me alone! No, I didn't really say that, however, I did say I was at a critical juncture in my book and I had no interest in what he was saying. He thanked me for my honesty.

So, here's the book:"The Elegance of the Hedgehog". As you can see from the opinions, Angela is not the only one who hated it, however, I think it is brilliant. Challenging, yes-- worth your time--absolutely!

Another great book I read earlier this year that I've neglected to mention is one Matt left. Speaking of tears, this one brings them on as well! The title? "Brooklyn"Staying up way past my normal bedtime, I finished it in one sitting. It is, indeed, that good.

Tip: If any of you out there in web land do not know this already, when there is a different colored ink in the text, it means a link to another site has been included. All one need do is click on it to find out what others are saying.

Once again, time to have some breakfast, add a little makeup to my worn face, and try to make my hair presentable for my weekly stint at the Polasek.

Have I mentioned lately how much both Bruce and I are loving our new space?

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