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As it turns out, I take the same kinds of photos each season, hopefully improving on last years output. What I mean by that is each spring I go crazy for fruits and vegetables and all of the budding flowers, and is the case with this album some peaches on the tree. I've found another gardener near the house who allowed me access to her yard--thus I now have growing peaches added to my photo library. I've taken so many new things I thought I'd put a little album together showing you what I've been up to.

I've been selling quite a few wine related shots, all taken either in the sunroom or in the back yard, that I'm constantly thinking up something new to try. I saw this jug wine while shopping with Bruce and thought maybe I could dream something up. I believe I'd call it "The Last Drop" if I have it printed. If you would be so kind as to let me know if you think either one is effective, it would be greatly appreciated.

Finally, our second throne has arrived! Actually, I'm naming all the new chairs to go along with the previously mentioned "Groovy Chair." "Throne" sounded right to me. When I get the new/old chair done with the orange zebra print, we'll be calling that the Ze-bra chair. Actually, I can't think of a way to write it, but what we're going for is how Angela pronounces zebra. I rarely notice her British accent until she pronounces something so differently. Garage comes to mind--gar-age. Just adding a little fun to our lives. Doesn't take much to amuse me, does it?

While brushing my teeth in the shower the other morning, which if you're not using the drenching time to multi-task, you are missing a good chance. I digress... What I meant to say is that I was also thinking how much I would miss my mother-in-law's reaction to our new space. One of the things that admittedly drove me absolutely crazy was how her reaction to most things new was, "Now, that is different". These days, of course, I miss hearing her say those words, which I am 100% certain she would have said on seeing my crazy choice of fabrics! On occasion I'd look up at the market, and there she would be, having made the long drive down from Zellwood without letting us know she was coming. Once she got so lost downtown, she went the wrong way on a One Way street, causing us to question her driving skills. Nevertheless, she arrived, and if I read her correctly, she was very proud of what I was doing, although she never said that. She would go through my baskets, exclaiming at all the crazy shots--"Now that is different"! You know what? She was right, I do have a lot of different things for sale. At this season of our life, I so often think about the Joni Mitchell song with the lyrics--"you don't know what you've got till it's gone". Isn't that the truth?

Bruce has gone back to work today after a five day respite at our home. I cannot tell you how many years it has been since he's done so. I suggested we go somewhere at least one of the days, however, he preferred his "staycation", and, quite frankly, who could blame him? Baxter and I just loved having him here.

Friday Kelly came for lunch and a visit, with Bruce sharing our chicken salad. He'd offered to leave, but I said "No way"; I'm glad he got to know Kelly a little bit better. Later that day I made the tomato tart after a quick trip to our wonderful produce store, Clemons. It was such a treat, walking in seeing the colorful produce piled high. The crops are all late due to the cold, but they are coming in fast now. Isn't the watermelon beautiful? Bill stopped by at dinner time to show off his new gigantic Hummer he purchased from Mark Tremonti. Oh my, is it huge and fancy, not to mention black. If you'll recall Mark is the guitarist for the once, wildly popular band, Creed. He's still making lots of money compared to most folks, however, nothing like he did in Creed's heyday. Bill will have plenty of room for his gear now.

For a change, the Saturday market was pretty good, and Sunday wasn't bad either. Wouldn't you just know it though--after a week of absolutely gorgeous weather, we awoke to leaden skies on Sunday, which eventually yielded rain. We closed up early amidst the rain, however, we managed to keep everything inside the tent dry. This has definitely been a challenging year weather wise.

Heading out to see what seasonal photos I can take today!
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