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The Birds

Don't you just hate computer issues? Me, too. On Saturday I skipped the market for reasons you've probably deduced. 94 degrees + 0 Tent=No Market. Instead, I thought I'd be writing my last post, but my photo uploader didn't see it that way.

It was never my intention to have my blog posts of the vacation last longer than the vacation itself, however, that seems to be how things have turned out.

Lastly we'll be looking at the birds we saw. Now, as you well know, I'm not a very good nature photographer, mostly because I've not got the patience, or the technical skill to wow you with the pictures.  That, my friends, doesn't prevent me from trying!

We stayed at the same hotel in Siesta Key for the party, and as was the case last year, there were adorable finches flitting around the trees. Here's my version of a little cutie. 

In dawn's early light I did my best to photograph this lovely snowy egret taking off. It's only now that I'm seeing it on the blog that I notice his form, and the tree behind him, are so similar. I had my manual focus lens on the Nikon. It's really beyond my skills to focus on a moving target, but you guessed it! Doesn't stop me from trying.
 As the sun rose, I somehow managed to get this pelican fixing to land!
My best attempt at a bird in action--I wish I could make it larger because it's pretty neat, or at least I think so. You, on the other hand, may be tired of birds by now. Never fear, we are almost done!
Remember how I told you about those gorgeous trees, particularly in Ft. Myers and Naples? Well, here's another little finch perched high. These little guys were landing on the outdoor tables and chairs while we dined on those delicious bagels and tea. Well, that's coffee for Bruce, but you understand what I meant. Have I ever told you how much I loathe coffee? Maybe the opportunity for that confession  has never presented itself  before. I know, you think I'm missing out, but I'll just have to take your word for it. In fact, about the only time I've even tasted it was by mistake. One time, years ago, a server mixed up the drinks and I unknowingly took a sip which I just about spit out right in the restaurant! They were using those old fashioned heavy brown mugs. Otherwise, I've no doubt I'd have noticed the difference from the color.  Wait just a minute Gail....this post has a bird theme and coffee rants have no place in this space!

I've seen loads of ibis in my day but never ones with this startlingly red beaks and legs!
As well, I've seen a lot of shore birds but this was my first time seeing this kind. I've no idea what kind it is. Is there anyone out there with extensive shore bird knowledge? Anyway, I stalked him for a while on Longboat Key. I'm particularly fascinated by the color of bird's eyes, aren't you? I wonder why they are such different colors. Well, why should I even wonder when I've got the internet to solve all my wonderings? Here we go: They seemed to think it was of interest as well.

To conclude our bird post, last week I discovered a new bird's nest in the highest fronds of a particularly ugly Spanish Bayonet plant in the back yard. At first I thought it was a blue jay's nest, however, turns out it belongs to a pair of mockingbirds. We shall see if anything comes of it, although my chance of photographing it is slim as I'd have to get up on the roof!

It was good to be away, but it's nice to come back to our pretty little house in Orlando. According to our Florida guidebook, Orlando isn't much. They even went so far as to say that if time is of the essence, skip Orlando all together (except, of course, the theme parks.) To an outsider, that may be their impression, but to us "there's no place like home."

Wait, I've forgotten to address something Nancy called to my attention. The shopkeeper in question was off 3rd Street in the swanky part of Naples. It's hard to describe accurately in writing but the gist is that he screamed, "Why do customers commiserate among themselves and never ask the guy who buys the shit for sixteen years?" Naturally we were taken aback, only to have him rant further! I said, "ok, we've had enough" to which he replied, well, he shouted really, "SO HAVE I." We needed no further instructions, leaving the shop pronto! While in the next shop the nice young man explained to us that the screamer acts like that all the time, and wonders why his sales are low!

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