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Monsoon Market

Despite the fact that our summer drought decided to officially come to an end an hour after we set up at the market, it was a good weekend. One moment it was threatening, the next, the rain was coming down fast and furious. Naturally, our favorite project manager had the sides all ready for the weather.  Arriving just moments before the downpour, Roger and Trish were able to help me secure things. We huddled in the middle of the tent until lightening forced us to run for serious cover under the adjacent building's overhang. Coming to my rescue, Bruce arrived just as we were making our run. By 11:30 we were back home, arranging prints and canvases around the house to dry out. Just before leaving I took this photo of Dana in front of where our tent resides.

She plans on sending it to her boss with the message that they are not paying her enough! I looked just like Dana--soaked to the skin!

Friday night was super fun. One of Bruce's oldest friends, Bill, along with his wife and daughter, met at our home for snacks before heading out to dinner. As far as we can remember, the last time we saw them was at our 25th wedding anniversary party, some 12 years ago. Currently they live in Naples where Lisa teaches blind children, and Bill is a superintendent. Bill and Bruce were laughing and reminiscing like nobodies business. Don't you just love the sound of hearty laughter?

Bill and his former wife were a great help to us during our house full of children days. How about that white hair of Bill's? I keep telling you we're getting old.....

I came across this funny story about a museum for bad art--you've got to see it to believe it!

For several years now I've subscribed to Digital Photography School Each day a message appears in my inbox with tips and challenges. This week photographing food is the theme. If you like to see beautiful and mouthwatering images of food, as well as recipes, check this out:

I've already forgotten most of what I did Saturday, but I won't forget the evening, or at the very least, I'll have photographic evidence of it to remind me! Bill's band, Exit the Ride, played a local night at the House of Blues. Most of their downtown gigs don't start until way past my bedtime so I'd not seen them perform of late. At 8:00 sharp, the curtains opened, the lights came on, and the crowd starting screaming.  All the band members love to perform, putting their heart and soul into the set.

Bill has taken some serious ribbing for his longish hair and leather pants, but NO ONE dares say a word about his guitar skills. They are simply amazing, if I do say so myself. I brought the new Olympus. A few came out fairly well, although I've no real idea how to do it in the challenging light of a rock show. It helped that I took hundreds!! There was a super tall guy who let me stand in front of him so that I could get close to the stage. Did I mention the place was full. It was. Needless to say, Bill was thrilled. Afterward, I took this picture of Bill and David, with the gorgeous Michelle.
Yesterday I spent a good bit of the morning packing everything back up, then off on errands.

OH MY GOSH, I nearly forgot to write about one VERY exciting happening. I got accepted to the Autumn Winter Park Art Festival!!!!!!! Two years ago I applied with no luck. Preparing myself for the same outcome, I applied nevertheless, hoping this time might be different. AND IT WAS! No telling what will happen once we do it, but one thing I know for sure, there are excellent crowds. Nothing like the spring show, but bigger than most any show I've done. This means I'll be doing Ocala, which according to Maureen's friend Sherri, is very well attended, and Winter Park. I've yet to hear from DeLand. If I'm accepted there I'll have three great shows this fall. To date I'm so far off last year's sales figures that I don't even like Bruce to tell me once he enters them into the spread sheet. It's pretty much a given we won't have to pay any extra income tax because of the business this year! Not to worry, we're fortunate to still be in the black.

Lastly, Matt and his boyfriend Tom were vacationing in Barcelona for a few days. I got an email from Matt with this message: Btw Tom wanted me to tell you he agrees with your cereal for dinner sentiment 100%.  Plus, he'll eat pound cake for breakfast, but only with fruit! Although I've yet to meet him, I'm sure we'll get along famously.
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