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The Calvary Has Arrived

It's hard for me to believe that I've written over 700 titles without repeating any. Seriously. Sometimes they come to me and sometimes they are provided by others as is the one I'm using for today.
I kept seeing more of them coming into the backyard and when I expressed surprise at their numbers, one of them said, "the calvary has arrived." Here's the prep:
Observant readers that you are you've probably noticed the pool looks different than when last you saw it. That's because yesterday afternoon Darren put on the bond coat while I was out doing errands.
By now you're probably checking the date on this thinking something seems off. Well....yesterday afternoon just as I was arriving with my arms full, my mobile began to ring in my purse. Rummaging through the contents I couldn't come up with it until after the last ring. Next the house phone rang and this time I answered promptly. Sheila, Phil's daughter and office manager was calling with the welcome news that there was a change in plans which suited me just fine. As I type this the truck out front is mixing the Pebble Tec for the installation which according to the man taping the tile, will take about three hours. Oh Happy Day!

Phil and Darren are wiring the equipment and on Friday we should have water! According to Phil, after the acid wash tomorrow, the pool will be ready for filling and by late Friday morning, they will show me how to run things. Just in time for us to leave for Ocala!

On my way to the Polasek, I picked up my order which I'll start working on momentarily. Bruce went to Watertown, NY yesterday and is now heading to Massachusetts. He is still in some pain, although it's not the drop to your knees kind of pain. He was hoping he'd passed the stone but apparently not. I've begged him to take his Ibuprofen ahead of the pain rather than once it's too far gone. He promises to do so.

Just think, it won't be long before I start posting photos of something besides the back yard. Here's a sneak preview taken at the Polasek yesterday. Fortunately a book club visited which allowed me to get some much needed practice on the register!
One of the places I stopped by yesterday was Costco. While there buying a large floral bouquet for Angela, I came across this weird green flower, if you can call it that.
It feels very soft if you're wondering. Yesterday Angela had a hysterectomy at Winnie Palmer Hospital. Amazingly, they did it with a laparoscope! This, of course, makes for a very quick recovery. After 18 surgeries, she's accustomed to hospitals for sure! She related the funniest story about her pre-op experience. The anesthesiologist asked her if she was SURE she'd had a tracheotomy. Three months to be exact. Do you think it's possible not to be sure about something like that? Duh....

Work is going on in earnest out back; I don't want to miss a thing!
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