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Ladies and Gentleman.....We have....Fill Up!

The long awaited, make that, almost a month, time has come to fill it back up! Expecting them early this morning, I anxiously awaited their arrival which was not until 2:00. Naturally I was getting antsy.

Before I get ahead of myself, let me show you how yesterday unfolded, from the mixing, to the spraying, followed by the washing which reveals the pebbles.
 As you can see, they started early--just after sunrise.
The truck out front mixed, the second guy sprayed, and here's the whole crew in action:

It looked as if they were spraying frosting on the walls of the pool. All this took place in the space of about three hours. Today, the next crew came to acid wash the walls, connect the light, and there you have it!
It is hard to believe the process is finally over! The fill up:
One reason I was waiting so anxiously was because it will take hours upon hours to fill it up. Following that, Phil and Darren will get the pump going, put the salt in something or other to make the chlorine, and I suspect, put in the covers on the filter returns. Not to mention going over the maintenance with yours truly. Our plan was to leave in the morning for Ocala, setting up well before dark this time. So, where does that leave the pool fill up? I'm not sure.

Yesterday I signed, stickered, and sealed loads of prints to replace the ones I sold at Winter Park. Hopefully I'll need them. As is often the case, once I got down to it, I discovered I was missing some best sellers. Trouble is, I've just got too many to keep tabs on! I suppose I'm trying to please everyone which is just my nature...

Returning to the topic of the pool, now the question is to seal, or not to seal. Phil suggests we don't seal the deck, however, everyone else thinks he's wrong. Still puzzling about that. One item we purchased for this remodel is the large umbrella with LCD lighting in the spokes. Let me just tell you--it is the bomb! We can now eat outside after dark with the soft yellow glow illuminating the table. Bruce has a thing about overhead lighting. Hates it with a passion usually reserved for far more serious subjects. To this, he has no objections. In fact, he's leaving me in Ocala to fend for myself so he can stay home and enjoy his new little kingdom.  I'll be staying at a Hilton near the show which if my memory serves me right, will be the first time in my life I've ever stayed at a hotel by myself. So, there you go.

Speaking of lights, the new one in the pool puts on a show...I can hardly wait to see it in action. We've not had a working pool light for so many years I've lost track. What with the pool light show and the flashing lights of the umbrella we're most definitely ready to party!

I took Angela to see Dr. Peppy this morning. It is hard to believe she had a hysterectomy, by robotics no less, on Tuesday. She even walked across the street later on to see the surface. Mostly in this space, you will find me railing against the medical system, however, there truly are some miraculous improvements. Even ten years ago, a hysterectomy would have been a major operation. You'd think it was a root canal these days!

A trip over to Roger's house now to pick up the last of the prints. Heading into Florida Gator fan territory without the small Alligator canvas would have been just plain stupid. Even if the Gators have lost three in a row....

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