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Under Promise.....

and over deliver. Yep, that's what I think is going on. Leaving on Tuesday evening after that hard day of work, Mr. Phil mentioned that maybe they would get a little tile installed on Wednesday. Oh my--wait until you see what happened!

Before we go there, let's talk price tags, shall we? Early on, we decided that having visible price tags next to the hung pieces was important to us. Why, you ask? Who hasn't been to either a gallery, or art show display with prices hidden or non existent? It makes you feel either uncomfortable asking, or immediately you think it is too expensive. The later may or may not be true, however, that's the initial impression I get. If you ask me, it just seems pretentious. But, and this is a big but, I will say it is hard to make tags that hang nicely and look professional. Furthermore, changing my display so frequently adds to the difficulty.

Because I want our booth to look as professional as possible for the fall shows I've entered, the tags need to be excellent. Remember how I wrote about my mother in law's crazy gift giving through the years? Well, she's still giving me gifts. I remembered that I'd brought a typewriter home when cleaning out her place. Locating it in the boy's old bedroom closet,  I got it out to give it a whirl, or type, or, you get the idea.
I've no idea if it was hers or not, only that there was a $3 price tag attached to the top. Was she selling it for $3, or did she buy it for that? The only trouble is that the ribbon needs replacing. Here I was trying the reverse ribbon strategy, hoping the other side would have more ink. Alas, it did not. It was then that I recalled that Corrine, my elderly neighbor across the street, had a typewriter. Speaking of elderly, what is considered elderly these days anyway? Back to the narrative Gail...

Business cards in hand, not to mention Baxter on his leash, we went across the street to type. Corrine proudly showed me how to use her IBM Selectric she received as a retirement gift. The thing is, although she is 82, she still works most days in her son in laws dental office, but that's another story. Anyway, I think this idea may have merit. We'll see what our Project Manager has to say when he returns this afternoon!

Here's what greeted me upon my return from Corrine's house:

And he got further yet later in the day! Glass mosaic! Gorgeous! Perfect match for our house!! Can you tell I'm excited?

While writing this, I got up from my desk for a moment; what should I see out front at 6:30AM? Phil's truck, although as dark as it is, and as black as his truck is, I had to look twice. Today he will finish  applying the tile and grout it. Other stuff will happen which you'll see tomorrow.

The title I used today is something I really stole from Mr. Bruce. That's how he works. Never promising too much, he always surprises people by what he accomplishes. Plus he's modest about his accomplishments. Plus, he never wants to have to go back to a job once it's completed. Seems to me that Phil and Bruce are definitely two of a kind. Working slowly and steadily Phil, and his super nice son-in-law Darren accomplish more than you could hope for. As well, they keep everything so neat, throwing away the tile boxes just as soon as they are empty. Here's how the day started yesterday:
Here's how they left it later on:
See how tamped down the dirt is? Baxter is much, much happier not having to roam over those hills and dales! The travertine for the deck is apparently still in customs with an optimistic delivery date set for tomorrow. The deck is the next step in the process, followed by the interior finish.

Bill, Mr. Tile Lover himself, came by to see it around the time I took the preceding picture. I told him I hoped his Dad would like the tile. Looking at at me like I was crazy, he said, "How could he not?" Indeed. It is super sparkly in the sunlight!

At the moment, it is still the gray of dawn and I hear activity in the back yard. Under promise and over deliver--sounds like a plan.

P.S. Oddly enough, even with price tags clearly visible, people still ask me the price. Duh!
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