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Yesterday morning after folding all 24 of these:

I cleaned the pool. What a mess it was from Monday and Tuesday's strong winds. Beautiful now, I must say. With the exception of the top of my Jatropha tree, the plants survived the below freezing temperatures just fine. Ironically, while our neighbors yards have turned brown from the freezes, ours is still green. Yesterday warmed up nicely, with today's forecast even warmer. Let's hope we have some nice weather for Matt and Tom's arrival on Monday. At the very least, I know we'll have sunshine, which as you know, is in very short supply this time of year in London.

Last week I got my first orange juice of the season from Red Hill Groves, and let me just tell you, it was delicious! I have to admit I'm not a big fruit person, primarily because most of the time although it looks delicious, the taste is just not there. With that in mind, I purchased only three tangelos while there. That was a mistake this time because those tangelos were perfect in every way. Easy to peel, nearly seedless, juicy, and sweet/tangy. So...I headed the Element that way after the pool cleaning session. At this price it would have been silly not to bring home a bag full!
Before going to RHG, I loaded up seven pairs of Bruce's jeans to give away. Near our home there is a Community Center, which I thought was run by a mega church. Furthermore, I thought I'd seen a sign asking for jeans donations. Pulling up, I saw the sign for a thrift store, but, silly me, I didn't really think it was stuff for sale. Opening the door, I discovered a large, dark warehouse space with a few folks and that thrift store smell. You've smelled it haven't you? Here is what happened:
  • Worker: "Do you have a donation?"
  • Me: " I do, but I thought this was a place where they gave things away, not sold them."
  • Worker: "We do work with the homeless."
  • Nearby Customer: As the worker was taking my things, she said, "They charge way too much here for everything." 
  • Me: "Really."
  • Customer: "Yes they do. It's better to just take them to the shelter."
  • Me: "Good idea. Sir, I'd like those jeans back please."
  • Worker: "I'm not sure I can do that."
  • Manager: " You can't have them back."
  • Me: Incredulous. "Well, I thought you gave things away here and that's what I was trying to do."
  • Manager: "We do help the homeless. I'm not making a killing here. You probably make more than I do."
  • Me: More incredulous! "Well, that may be, but I'd like my jeans back."
  • Manager: "You mean to say you donated them, and now want them back?"
  • Me: "Indeed."
  • Worker: With attitude--"Here you are."
  • Nearby Customer smiles.
So, that's what I did. Drove the few miles to where the homeless shelters are. At one point I thought about leaving them on the street corner, but in the end I took them to the Orlando Union Rescue Mission where a very nice man took them from me, saying every night he has men coming in looking for a change of pants. Mission accomplished.

Nancy called last evening and we got to talking about baking. The conversation turned to cookies which I said I'd be baking today. She reminded me that her former mother-in-law was a wonderful cook, to which I replied that I still had one of Mimi Batchelor's recipes for a Graham Nut Cake that I recalled being delicious although I'd not made it in eons. Well, while searching for my drop sugar cookie recipe, which I'm sick to relate, I couldn't find, I came across the cake recipe. While we were talking I decided to make it then and there. Using the loaf pan my friend Mary gave me, I finished it off with a glaze, adding some of that wonderful orange juice and zest from my tangelos.
Tasting it this morning, I discovered it was just as delicious as I'd remembered. Funny how I could find the cake recipe, one I've already said I hadn't made in 30 years or so, and I can't find my sugar cookie recipe. I've been making that most Christmases since I cut it out of the Orange County Register 33 years ago while living in California. I must find it!!!

Bruce arrived home last night around 11:00, instead of the planned 5:30, because he missed his flight. In over 18 years of traveling, he's rarely missed a flight, however, between a white-out in the DC area, AND his GPS sending him the wrong way, he was too late to catch his scheduled flight. Seriously, because he could barely see, even though traffic on I-95 was only moving at 6 miles an hour, he followed the talking head and went way, way in the wrong direction. All's well that ends well, but it was scary going there for a while.

Because this blog is based loosely on my photography, here's a couple of things that caught my fancy this week:

Red shoes are so glamorous aren't they? That Stuart Weitzman pair on top are to die for! And then there's this adorable little girl who came with her Mommy to the Polasek on Tuesday. Rarely do children come, so this was a great treat.
That's her proud momma smiling in the background at her darling little girl. If you're wondering, she gave me permission.

Today's title refers to my post number. I don't know about you, but I come across blogs where people haven't posted anything in months, or even years which always surprises me.  If I didn't know better, you would think I was a writer with that longevity!
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