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By now I'm sure you're a wee bit weary of my raving about Fred Waring. It's that time of the year my friends where I just can't help myself.  Here's what I found out about Mr. Waring and his wonderful Pennsylvanians: What I love so much about  Christmas Magic is hard to put into words, however, you suspected I'd try, didn't you? The music is pure and innocent, with clear voices telling the beloved Christmas story with what seems to be genuine love for the subject. Fans of harmonies need look no further. And to think it was all done with real instruments! Genius is what I have to say! I checked it out on Amazon, and I was delighted to read a comment from someone saying they gave it as a gift and the woman screamed with delight. Furthermore, it went on to say that you'd have thought the gift was a million dollars the recipient was so thrilled. Admit it, you thought I was the only one, didn't you?

I've been working on a sitting project forcing me to watch a little tv. One evening last week I had on a college basketball game when Bruce called. Arriving in his hotel room, he turned on the television first thing, telling me that Glee was on. I've been curious about that show, so turning to my handy channel guide, I found the station. I liked it. During a commercial break they showed a clip from the show that follows Glee,  Raising Hope, which looked pretty stupid to me. However, and that's a big however, it turned out to be hilarious! Loved it. I hope I remember what night it was on to watch it again. After seeing the show, I called Jonathan, my television guru, asking him what he knew about it. He raved.

Speaking of Jonathan, they are delighted with Austin to date, never more so than when seeing the Chicago weather! Brutal this weekend. Apparently, several days after our departure, the winter weather set in with a vengeance; we were lucky to get out of there when we did! With the end of the regular college football season I've nothing to watch on Saturday. Still working on the project, I perused our meager DVD collection, discovering Simon & Garfunkel, Live at Central Park, a gift from Jonathan which I'd never watched. Oh my, was it wonderful. Wonderful. Spare and lush at the same time. The pure, clear voice of Art Garfunkel gave me the shivers it's so beautiful. Paul Simon's lyrics and musicianship are brilliant. Here I go all gushing about harmonies again, however, I can't help myself, I love genuine talent.

I'm admitting that the weather forecasters were correct yesterday. Soon after finishing my blog post, the clouds and wind rolled in before you could say boo! Not much rain which we needed but gloom prevailed for the remainder of the day. Bruce worked non stop catching up with 300+ emails while I continued my project. Bruce put in the film, Love Actually, which never fails to get him in the Christmas spirit. Myself, I can never stop the tears from flowing watching that film, particularly the ending. Good stuff.

Michelle called asking if we'd like to go see "Trans-Siberian Orchestra" at the new Amway Arena with them later on. Bruce declined due to working on the blasted email, however, I thought, "why not?" Increasingly with age, I remind myself to have new experiences. Because she purchased two tickets I needed a date. Lisa--busy. Maureen--didn't answer the phone. Angela--having a party. It was then that I thought of Trish, Mr. Roger's wife. If anyone loves an adventure it is Trish. She's pictured in our fancy seats, calling Roger to tell him about the waiter mishap moments earlier. Apparently the server must have tripped on the steps because one moment we were good, the next, beer was flying everywhere including all over Trish! As a recovering alcoholic she wanted to assure Roger she'd not gone off the wagon!

If you've ever wondered what a TSO concert is like, check out the slideshow, because words escape me to describe the excess. Talk about sensory overload! Lights, movement, fire, music, you name it, they provide it. You want to see musicians on cat walks over the audience? You've come to the right place.  Seriously, I know my rock concert experience is limited so maybe it happens all the time but I couldn't get over the hair swinging. For those of you who remember seeing Bill perform during his Eternal Flames days, ( with long, flowing blonde hair, you can picture it immediately. Not to belabor the point, but they even swung their hair in time, say like the Supremes used to sway, or the Four Tops used to have dance moves-- they have hair moves. Seriously, I told Trish they run the risk of whip lash! All in all, I'm glad to have gone, but as David said on our way out, he's happy to have seen it once, but he's not turning into a groupie.              

Time to go cover the plants once again as a deep freeze is forecast for tonight, like 27 degrees. Where, I ask is global warming when we need it?
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