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Playing Hooky

We didn't plan it this way. Seriously, it has nothing to do with having fun at a 50th birthday dinner party for Michael last night!
The birthday boy and his wonderful wife Jane are to Bruce's right. Everything about it was perfect with spirited conversation and laughter filling the air throughout the evening. While there I realized I'd spent my 50th birthday at a New Year's Eve party at their home. Seems like forever ago....

As we were driving down Delaney I noticed my friend Kristen's driveway lined with lighted candy canes. It was then that I realized I'd forgotten to go to her party earlier in the day! Duh! Yesterday morning I had a nagging feeling I was supposed to go somewhere know my memory!

When it rains it pours as they say. Wouldn't you just know it, we had invitations to two other parties last night which we declined in favor of the birthday party. And speaking of rain, that's why we're home on a Sunday morning. As last as yesterday afternoon the weather forecast was for a 70% chance of rain, however as is more often the case than not, they were wrong, or, at least for now. Outside my office window the sky is so blue it almost hurts your eyes with nary a cloud to be seen. I'm probably missing my best chance for Christmas sales today, but I'm okay with that because this gives Mr. Bruce an opportunity to have the day off before he leaves again for the bitter cold in the morning.

Weather predictions for here are nothing like what he will encounter in Massachusetts, however unseasonably cold air seems to be coming our way. Remember I told you I'd covered all of the plants last week, using everything I could find? Well, while removing them, I counted the myriad of blankets, sheets, beach towels, and old curtains with the count rising to 23! It seems as if I'll be doing that again this week, however, if today's weather is any indication of forecasting, I won't have to bother. Time will tell.

On Friday Mr. Baxter got his holiday haircut, not to mention a little scarf printed with Joy, Joy, Joy. Which, as you well know, fits him perfectly as he brings so much joy to this little household. Anyway, when Allisa (the groomer, not to be confused with Alissa the girlfriend) brings him back into the house he goes crazy rubbing himself on any fabric he can find. Here he is after a heavy dose of rubbing on the couch:
He's panting from the effort! Don't you just love those big brown eyes?

Christmas decorations are irresistible to a photographer, or at least to this blogger/photographer. Here's a few of my favorite ornaments and the tree again in yesterday's afternoon light.
 The above little felt bird is one I couldn't resist from Crate & Barrel.
Pictured below is one of my favorite ornaments; maybe it's the simplicity I like, can't tell you. Nor can I tell you where I got it, but I do know it's handmade, which is always a good thing in my book!
Serious Christmas shopping has been lacking so far, however, on Friday night Bruce and I went to the mall to spend some gift cards at Tiffany. You'd think that would be fairly easy, having gift cards courtesy of Delta and the frequent flier program, but it wasn't because I'm not one for fancy jewelry.
We did have a lovely woman helping us look around in the back where they keep the less pricey goods; after much trying on, Bruce picked out some things for yours truly. We didn't realize the store closed early, and as such, they had a guard at the door to escort us. Let's just say it was like getting out of Fort Knox! Or something like that. Thus, I persuaded my honey to pose in front of the closed doors!

While we're on the subject of Christmas gifts, in September I asked Bruce if he'd like me to make the desk calendars he gives to his contractors and co-workers. He agreed it would be a great idea before the rush of the season. As well, he asked if I'd make one which started in October because he'd given his away and would like a replacement. Sure thing honey. The box of twenty arrived within weeks and has been quietly awaiting the season. Well.......on Friday morning Bruce opened the box, discovering that instead of twenty of the annual calendar there were evenly divided between calendars beginning in October 2010 and January 2011. Yikes! Fortunately the operator at Vista Prints was ever so helpful,  correcting the order, with promises of a timely arrival. So much for being prepared! Actually, I did check one out when they arrived, unfortunately it was from the "good" stack.

Don't you just love coming across interesting blogs? I don't know how I found this one, but apparently my prediction that doilies might make a comeback isn't too far off. They've given them a modern twist, not to mention a new spelling:

Lastly, I told you I liked snow globes:

 Happy Sunday my dear ones.
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