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Up Close and Personal

I've seen him for myself now. Perfection is what baby Spencer is. I picked Maureen up in the late morning, parked on the street, and we made our way into the hospital/hotel. Seriously, the place is amazing. After getting our photo id we took the elevator up to the 7th floor, got the ok from the nurse's station, and went to the suite. Yes, you read that right, it's a suite, complete with a Murphy bed for papa and space for Spencer too. These days, the parents keep the baby in the room with them at all times, jumping into their parenting adventure right away. When we arrived, both Jenn and Rich were somewhat weary after spending a sleepless night with baby Spencer crying way more than they would have liked.

Jenn was in good spirits nonetheless with some pain, however, they are controlling that with medication. Between yawns, Rich showed us he's already an expert at wrapping Spencer, carrying him, and changing his darling little mittens designed to keep him from scratching his perfect, perfect skin.
Told you. Here's the happy family:
I love that expression on Rich's face. As well, how about the little rock star outfit on Spence? He's wearing the little hoodie because during the extended time before his actual arrival, the doctor gave him a little boo boo on his head trying to coax him out. He's a big boy already--8.6 pounds. They will be heading home today with Jenn's mom here for the next week to help out. Never again will their life be the same after bringing a new life into this world. Although my sons are grown, there isn't a day that goes by that I'm not at the ready to either console or uplift them. Yeah for parenthood!

While eating lunch after our hospital visit I read in the paper that the much anticipated Lady Gaga concert was last night. Furthermore, I read that there was to be a Lady Gaga look alike contest at a downtown bar on Church Street. What do you say Bruce? Want to go check out the "Little Monsters?"
Of course he did! I took my camera, only getting one decent shot because once we got closer we ran into Dana and took a streetside seat at her table. When these LMs went by, I jumped up and ran around the barrier to get this:
There were plenty more devotees who spent enormous energy putting their costumes together. I didn't see them in person, but today's paper shows a sister and brother in costumes she made. Hers was covered with tiny mirrors, which according to the story took her several months to sew on. My, oh my!

I told Dana we couldn't be spending Friday and Saturday nights any differently. Tonight Bruce will be donning a tuxedo which I will be sure to document! We're going to this. Debbie Komanski, the director of the Polasek, called last week, apologizing that the invitation she meant to sent earlier never left her inbox. The article I posted is an old one, but apparently the same sort of thing will be happening later today. Fortunately, the theme of their table is elegance, thus the tuxedo. I'll be pulling out of the back of the closet a long black sheath Bruce bought for me years ago while he was doing a job in California. After seeing it on a mannequin he asked the clerk for a measuring tape because he thought it looked like my size. Fortunately, it still is.

How about if I leave you with this:
Up close and personal indeed.
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