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Remember I mentioned that I was worried about Corrine? Well, Sunday and Monday's events validated my concerns. Returning from setting me up at the market, Bruce was flagged down by Herb asking if he was strong. Does the sun come up every day? Yes, he answered, he could help. Apparently Corrine collapsed in their bedroom and was wedged between the wall and the bed. Walking into the bedroom, Bruce was greeted by Corrine in only her underpants. Herb answered Bruce's question about covering her up by saying they were too old to be worried about that. Later, when I was just backing into the driveway from the market, I saw Herb helping her out of the car. She needed it! Shuffling at a snail's pace, I rushed across the street to help. Not only was her color bad, she was very, very weak. Why they went to the grocery store together, I'll never know. To refresh your memory of these nice folks:
I took this for practice about two years ago after buying a news lens. She is much smaller these days. Anyway, after returning from a walk with Baxter yesterday morning, I went to take their recycling bins up from the curb. Seeing me through the window, Herb opened the door.
"Where's Corrine?" I asked. 
"She's on the bathroom floor", he replied. 
"Well now, what's she doing there?"
"She collapsed again."

Indeed she had. I found her, lying naked on her back, without her hearing aids, and disoriented. Covering her with a sheet from their bed, I asked Herb if he'd called 911. Yes, he had. Soon thereafter they came, taking her to the hospital, but not before I found a "duster", as my mom used to call them, to cover her nakedness. 

I'll tell you what, few things make me as mad as people working in healthcare who have NO business doing so. I know, I know, it's a stable job, but if you don't have compassion, do something else! It was all I could do not to give the woman paramedic a piece of my mind! According to Herb, whom I spoke with around 6, her blood pressure was so low it was causing her to collapse. Why that is happening, I don't know, however, I don't think it's good. Only time will tell. 

Following that situation I went to the hospital to visit Roger who is still there, resting fairly comfortably, until the blood thinner he's taking does it's thing. Before I arrived, he had horrible coughing fits which actually made him feel better. Trish is sleeping on an air mattress, having not left the hospital since his arrival by ambulance in the wee hours of Friday morning. They are making him wear this:
My poor collapsing friends!
David called while I was there asking if I could give Michelle a ride to pick up her car which, of course, I agreed to. Actually I took her over to Dave's office on Park Avenue so he could take her. On my way home I stopped first at Mead Gardens, a place I've not visited in a while. It just so happens to also be the place that my brother Pat married his lovely wife Ruth. Because it was hot as the dickens by now, with humidity promising to bring out the mosquitoes, I didn't stay too long, but I did stay long enough to see some butterflies, a gigantic grasshopper, and some mallard ducks. As well, they have this amazing wrought iron surrounding the outdoor stage:
Actually, while trying to take the back way into the gardens, I got a little lost in a neighborhood. Maybe I've told you before, maybe not, but Winter Park is big money my friends, with loads of gorgeous old Spanish style homes like this one next to a tiny, lot-sized park I discovered:
I wouldn't mind living there at all.

Driving down Mills Avenue the other night on our date I saw some colorful chairs alongside the road. Yesterday I decided to stop and see what was what. Armed with my camera, I realized they were placed at our notoriously, seating free, bus stops. No clue who did them, or if it was a collaborative project, but here's one of them with what looks like a weary traveler who, for some reason, isn't using it:
Could he have objected to the flower on top?

There is a lot of color on Mills, making it an interesting place to photograph, albeit a little difficult what with all the traffic:
Just letting you know, I'd planned on writing last evening, however, my computer is giving me fits again causing me to quit in frustration. I told Roger yesterday that he'd better get well soon because I need his help!  

Now, on to some exciting news--if you can believe it,  Top Chef is coming to the Market!!! 
Indeed, they will be there on June 5th for three tapings. This could go either way for the vendors; a huge crowd with no buyers, or the opposite, a huge crowd with new buyers! Let us hope for the latter.
The weather was ridiculously hot for this time of year, which made for a very long day. Folks came out in the morning, but who could blame them for not wanting to do so in the afternoon?

Finally, two weeks ago I purchased some caladiums to replace these petunias; I was certain they would be worn out by now, however, aren't they still gorgeous?
Must be that pruning I gave them last month! Randy Knight, from the Polasek, taught me that trick. That reminds me, after quite a few years, RK, is moving on. The gardens won't be the same without him.
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