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Mayfaire 2011

I suspect, if you've been reading any of my recent posts, you are wondering how Lakeland treated me this year. Very well, thank you very much, although it was not nearly as wonderful as last year. Maybe I should retract that statement because even though my sales were lower, the weather was markedly better. As in, tolerable all weekend long, including the set up time.
We arrived just before the 4PM cut off time to get our registration package which included both the paperwork and goodies. Both kinds of M&M's, bottles of water, trail mix, pretzels and crackers. The reason I mention it is because both Bruce and I had to raid the goodie bag before we were done setting up to ward off famine. Please note in the above photo the blue umbrella behind my booth. Bruce fashioned a shade shelter for me to retreat to during slow times which fortunately were few. Because he was too busy to help at the show, he gave me a little knot tying tutorial hoping I could set it up by myself. I'm not sure if I did it right, but whatever I did worked. As well, please note the lovely green grass, unlike the pure dirt we faced in Ocala. Another great thing was that I faced the morning sun, rather than the blazing afternoon sun which makes an enormous difference, especially during the set up and take down. Here's what I had behind me:
Very nice indeed. The folks were nice, some repeat customers which is always a huge bonus, along with plenty of new ones. I drove back and forth this year, missing the awards party where Laurie Coppedge was announced as the $5,000 best in show winner. Astute readers may recall that she wins every show I enter. I'm never expecting a prize, probably because regular people like my stuff a bit. I'm at a loss as to the market for her kind of photography. Having said that, if you win big money like that at multiple shows, you don't really need a market, now do you?

By the time I got home Saturday night I was plenty bushed. Although it was bearable, it was hot nonetheless. Fortunately we had some leftovers to warm up for supper which we ate while watching the exciting Kentucky Derby. After a nice cool shower, a trip to Mr. Roger's house to pick up some prints I'd neglected to order, and a few minutes reading I fell soundly asleep underneath the fan set to maximum speed. Did I mention it was 9:00? Staying up late aren't I?

Good thing I slept so well because I had to get up around 5 in the morning to prepare the prints, dress for success and make the hour drive to Lakeland. Having driven it for three days in a row I can say it was pretty easy. I wouldn't want to do it every day or anything but it wasn't bad at all. Now, if there'd been an accident I'd be singing a very different tune about now. Oh yeah, it was Mother's Day wasn't it?

Somewhere I've lost some pink flip flops that I was pretty keen on before their disappearance. Bruce, otherwise known as my perfect husband (he denies it, but it's certainly true to me), remembered that and went on a search mission as only he can to find me some new ones for a Mother's Day gift. That darling boy had a pink theme going on, putting the shoe box in a pink gift bag with printed pink tissue, along with a PINK card. He's a doll for sure!

Jonathan gave me three DVD series of Friday Night Lights, a show he swears I'll love. Bill called later in the day, I think Matt phoned on the computer before we returned, and David presented me with a stellar bottle of wine which we picked up from his condo while there to do a photo shoot. He was so hoping I wouldn't be too tired and I wasn't.
What for you ask? David has amassed a one of a kind collection of wrestling cards, of which he's very proud. He wrote to the editor of a sports card magazine regarding same, convincing them of the news worthiness of his collection. To accompany the story they needed photographs and Dave told them his mom would be happy to help. And she was. Anyone who has talked to David for only a few moments on the subject of wrestling cards knows that he is passionate beyond all reason. We didn't send this one to the editor, but I liked it nevertheless. Probably should have moved that candle....

The alarm went off at 4:45 this morning because Bruce had an early flight to the Boston area which woke me as well. Been up since, mostly finishing up all the details involved with a show. As in credit card entries which thankfully all went through! A trip to the bank was also in order. Silly me, the teller counted $180 more than I'd put on the slip. Woohoo! Don't ask me how I did that but wasn't it wonderful it was in my favor?

A final word before I go. Our dear friends Sam and Mary Whited showed up at the show to encourage me AND let me run to the terrific air conditioned outdoor potty. I was never clear if they drove from Orlando just to see me or what, but I'll tell you this much, it was a delight to see familiar faces. Their lovely daughter Amanda accompanied them, wearing the style of the day, a maxi dress. Or a maxi as we called them "back in the day." Plus, Mary brought some scrumptious brownies. The Beatles sang it so very well: All You Need is Love

Thank you for reading dear loved ones. Forgive any errors if you will, by now I'm already getting sleepy. :)
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