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One Carry On

The other day I went in search of either a larger suitcase, or an additional one. Eventually I found something I thought might work, however, I was still open to suggestions. Returning from the office on Monday evening, Bruce said he was very tired and just wanted to catch up with the trial. I was not pleased because, as you well know, I don't care a whit about CASEY ANTHONY! Convincing him to come to the store with me was not easy. Nonetheless, he came, and together we found something we both thought would work, although he was unconvinced of the necessity of another bag. Silly, silly me.

What had me stymied was thinking about 12 days of clothing rather than six days or so. It isn't like Matthew doesn't have a washing machine. Duh! Yesterday morning in preparation for packing, I remembered I'd seen a flight attendant, either a slide show or a video, demonstrating how to pack one carry on for a long trip. Using everyone's friend Google, I found it. No surprise ther…

Memory Lane, Part: Whatever

I'm sure I've blogged about this in the past and will most likely do so in the future. Get used to it.

Actually, yesterday I posted that we were getting serious about the trip. I mentioned to Bruce that we probably should locate our will. Good idea Gail. Except we can't. It certainly is not for lack of searching, I'll say that much.

What I did find however is the receipt for my wedding ring dated April 5, 1973. $450 + $18 tax. Must be paid in full before pickup. Today, the tax would be $29.25, which translates to a 2.5% sales tax increase in 38 years.

Apparently I've always possessed writing aspirations. Consider my first published piece in the Eager Beaver, Volume III, May 1961. (I have no idea if this was fact or fiction!)

Homer Homer was our turtle, but he had to die. I'm sorry that he did. He weighed ten pounds. He was so pleasant.      Gail Price    Grade2

I found more report cards than you can imagine, along with standardized test scores. There is much ado…

Getting Serious

At the market a week ago, my friend Harriet came to chat about how much she enjoyed Exit Through the Gift Shop. For anyone interested in street art, watching it is a must, she told me. It just so happens that she'd borrowed it from the library and instead of returning it early, she loaned it to me if I swore I'd return it on time. I swore.

Except that I didn't get to it that night. Good news for me that she renewed it. We finally watched it on Friday night and were highly entertained. As is often the case after watching a film, I had to look it up online to get more details. Discovering there was some controversy surrounding the existence of Mr. Brain Wash, I came across this Banksy interview which makes things pretty clear. If you know the work of Banksy, you know how clever he is and this film doesn't disappoint in that realm. Good times.

Somehow Bruce and I entertained ourselves before becoming hooked on Friday Night Lights, however, I'm not sure what we did. I …

Without a Hitch

I told you birds were cool.

Before I begin there's something I've been meaning to tell you. I am a world class klutz. Constantly I'm hurting myself by doing stupid things. A moment ago I started to pull myself closer to the desk with my legs crossed. You guessed it--hurt like the dickens when my bony knee collided with the solid wood. Currently I've got a little cut on my big toe from dropping my car keys on my bare foot. I'd say it wasn't safe to take me out of the house for fear of injury, however, the house is where I make most of my stupid moves!

Finally Bruce was ready to leave on Tuesday afternoon. We had a most pleasant drive to Indian Rocks Beach, checking into the hotel around 4:30. I barely looked at it online, just chose it because Bruce could use hotel points. Turns out it was quite cute--a Key West styled Holiday Inn on the bay. Wasn't too much later that the limo driver arrived to take us to the Salt Rock Grill just down Gulf Boulevard a few …

Here We Go Again

Today marks the Summer Solstice, however, to Floridians it's just a date on the calendar. Sure, the day is the longest of the year, but not usually the hottest by a long shot. As I've mentioned before, here in Florida we experience greater and lesser summer. We've been in greater summer now for weeks which is depressing when you think that it will last until October!

At the market on Sunday while Dana and I were talking in front of my uber-fan, she said we only have 16 more sweltering days to look forward to; maybe endure would be the more appropriate word. That fan, by the way, is like a tornado. In fact, if you stay under the tent, let the fan blow your hair to smithereens, you can almost forget that it is 97 degrees. Almost is the key word. Hearing that weather prediction, people stayed away in droves, and who could blame them? This little girl was doing her best to stay cool.
Yesterday morning I was reading an article in the Times about fans. Big and little, whole hous…

Thursday Morning

Before we get into things, I just want to say that I really like typing. I learned how to type in 11th grade at Melbourne High School, under the tutelage of Mrs. Ketchum. The following year I was her student assistant. I'm not even sure if they teach typing any longer. I know Jonathan can type like a madman although he took no formal classes. His education came from playing computer games incessantly. So, there you go.

Anyone who lives in Florida, or for that matter, spent time in Florida during the summer, knows that this
is not a welcome sight when one plans to spend time outdoors. For those of you who don't understand the photograph, let me explain. It means it's humid on the other side of that door. Seriously humid. Not what I was hoping to see on the morning I do yard work. It was sweltering. We've been having record heat, however, the humidity has stayed away until yesterday morning. Yikes!

It was a good thing I did most of my mowing on Tuesday evening while ther…

Monica Does Her Thing

"I'm ticked off at the inconsiderate neighbors who place their garbage and their yard waste outside several days before pick up day. How hard can it be to put it out the night before or early in the morning?"

The above appeared in our local newspaper under the "Ticked Off" banner. They very well may be talking about us. If Bruce does yard work on Saturday he'll leave the cans down by the road so I don't have to drag them there on Wednesday morning. If it's us they are writing about,  I'm sorry--he's only being a gentleman.

It took forever for Bruce to get to Wyoming, arriving our time at 2 in the morning. He's such a trooper, although, these days, there are a few leaks in his armor. Worn out. Friday it took him most of the day to get home, arriving just in time to head over to Winter Park for his appointment with Monica. I figured if she could transform me, Bruce might benefit from her magic touch. For years and years now, make that seve…

Two Weeks

I can hardly imagine that the trip is just two weeks away. My goodness, where has the time gone? As such, I've decided it might just be time for me to start getting serious in my planning. I'm researching the most economical way to use our dollars in England. Charge, debit, chip and pin? The last method is one Matt told me about. It's like a prepaid debit card which sounds like it has some advantages. I took my Rick Steves Great Britain book to the museum today, reading his take on money. He likes cash. And money belts which sounds pretty dreadful to me. I'm puzzling...

As well, I'm still worried about what kind of clothes to bring. Every one says layers, which is all fine and dandy, but what if it's hot and all I've got are sleeves, sweaters and jeans? Decisions, decisions. I'm like Scarlett O'Hara in that regard--if I don't have to make a decision today, I definitely will put it off until tomorrow.

So, I was looking out our bedroom window whic…

What Next?

Late Saturday morning, while I was sewing, Bruce came into the office carrying his mobile. He wasted no time telling me that he'd just gotten off the phone and learned that Tracy has leukemia. Who is Tracy you ask? His boss. Plus, we were scheduled to leave in a few hours for his wife's 50th birthday party at their home, minus Tracy, who is now quarantined in his hospital room for 30 days receiving twice daily chemotherapy. Apparently, the moment the diagnosis was confirmed they began aggressively treating what is termed "acute leukemia." Talk about a strange and sad situation. We went nonetheless, doing our best to be upbeat.

I guess it's not surprising that the older we get, the more people we know with health challenges, however, it still always catches me off guard. Each day of good health is a gift my friends.

Because this has left us both shaken, I won't be writing much more today. Instead, I'm sharing my favorite flower with you in all it's col…