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Getting Serious

At the market a week ago, my friend Harriet came to chat about how much she enjoyed Exit Through the Gift Shop. For anyone interested in street art, watching it is a must, she told me. It just so happens that she'd borrowed it from the library and instead of returning it early, she loaned it to me if I swore I'd return it on time. I swore.

Except that I didn't get to it that night. Good news for me that she renewed it. We finally watched it on Friday night and were highly entertained. As is often the case after watching a film, I had to look it up online to get more details. Discovering there was some controversy surrounding the existence of Mr. Brain Wash, I came across this Banksy interview which makes things pretty clear. If you know the work of Banksy, you know how clever he is and this film doesn't disappoint in that realm. Good times.

Somehow Bruce and I entertained ourselves before becoming hooked on Friday Night Lights, however, I'm not sure what we did. I can't imagine it was more enjoyable. Seriously, we both can't wait to watch it which is saying a lot. Kathy asked me if we were caught up yet because lots is happening in the current season; I told her we were into season #3. You know this means I'll have to buy the 4th and 5th season don't you? We are both just crazy for it.

Maybe, just maybe, you'd like to see our current summer set up? If not, skip forward. One wall:
 And the other wall with my gigantic wind machine pictured on the sidewalk:

The weather was gloomy early on only to be replaced by sunshine a little later. Not a drop of rain fell which was very nice indeed. My sales were decent for a hot June day.

So the weather reports for our respective cities is interesting:
London Next Ten Days

Orlando Next Ten Days

It's hard to imagine the trip is only days away now. I'm beginning to take things seriously, although not seriously enough to suit Nancy, our house sitter in waiting. She's all ready to head to Florida the minute the U2 concert is over. Sadly, she had front row seats to see Adele in Nashville, only to have her cancel the remaining dates on the tour. If my memory serves me correctly (ha!ha!) this U2 concert is a make up date from an earlier cancelation. For the first two days Angela will be caring for our sweet Baxter, then Nancy will take the reins.
Friday, while I was out, Alissa, the groomer came. According to Bruce, Baxter was barking madly at the door because someone was here. The minute he saw her walking up the front walkway, he turned tail! He's sporting his little July 4th kerchief! I like to think he's telling Matthew Happy Birthday in this one.

Although I've yet to make a list, I did get a start today:
Albeit, a small one. Bruce arrived home from work a little bit ago and did not like any of the three shirts I bought for him. Is it any wonder I no longer buy him any clothes??? He insists he'll pack when he returns from his business trip on Thursday--I insist he give things some thought tonight! At the moment he's just like millions of other people---catching up on the Casey Anthony trial. Over and over I tell him I'm uninterested, however, he continues to talk about it. He's not the only one. Just the other day there was a report of a woman who flew over from Germany hoping to get a seat in the courtroom. There have been others who've done the same, however, to my knowledge, she's traveled the furthest. As well, fights have broken out in the lines of people hoping to get a seat. Apparently, they get in line around 4:30 in in the morning, hoping to get one of the coveted passes. The appeal escapes me.

Dinner time and hopefully I can pry Bruce away from the trial to eat....

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