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Here We Go Again

Today marks the Summer Solstice, however, to Floridians it's just a date on the calendar. Sure, the day is the longest of the year, but not usually the hottest by a long shot. As I've mentioned before, here in Florida we experience greater and lesser summer. We've been in greater summer now for weeks which is depressing when you think that it will last until October!

At the market on Sunday while Dana and I were talking in front of my uber-fan, she said we only have 16 more sweltering days to look forward to; maybe endure would be the more appropriate word. That fan, by the way, is like a tornado. In fact, if you stay under the tent, let the fan blow your hair to smithereens, you can almost forget that it is 97 degrees. Almost is the key word. Hearing that weather prediction, people stayed away in droves, and who could blame them? This little girl was doing her best to stay cool.
Yesterday morning I was reading an article in the Times about fans. Big and little, whole house and window fans. Before air conditioning that's how we lived. Actually, I can hardly remember fans in our family home, however, Bruce and I used them like crazy in our first two homes which only had wall units. I will always remember being in labor with Matt, although I wasn't sure it was such at the time. We laid with our heads at the foot of the bed, a box fan blowing madly on our bodies in the sweltering July heat. Maybe that's why I can still spend lots of time outdoors without melting; I had early training in the art of heat survival.

The summer rains are here most days leaving this reminder of damp ground:
There are a ton of these little mushrooms in the yard.

On my way to return some bowls to Wal Mart yesterday morning I had to stop and photograph a gigantic sunflower:
Correction, I didn't HAVE to stop--I can't help myself! The bees were having a hey day! Then the idea came to me that I might just drive through the "peacock" neighborhood. Am I ever glad I did! Babies galore: 
Overall I think I counted about fifteen babies. They are so sweet! This is one of several broods crossing the street for greener pastures.
A good many of the males were strutting their stuff, with the females mostly ignoring them in favor of the kids.

I'm not sure if it was the light or what, but for some reason this male peacock's feathers seemed the most beguiling shade of cobalt blue.
And, as is always the case when I'm out photographing, I discover the unexpected. As I pulled my car to the curb I saw this cat in a tree, hoping he/she would stay put until I was ready.
Those blue eyes were amazing!  After only a few shots the cat left his tree perch, running away into the bushes.

By now you might be thinking today's post tile refers to my photographic adventures. You would be wrong. What I'm referring to is yet another household malfunction. This one I'm hoping is now fixed by Superhusband. All that talk about fans and heat? Well, Sunday evening during a Friday Night Lights marathon, which, by the way, is absolutely mesmerizing, Bruce thought it felt warm. Indeed it was warm. The air conditioner shut itself off. To make a long story short, he got it running again until yesterday afternoon during the worst heat of the day. I never like to give bad news to my honey after a long day at the office, however, no cursing ensued when I let him know we were relying on fans at the moment. He calmly checked it out. Apparently it is the condesate pump. Even after cleaning all the gunk out of the lines and such, it still kept shutting off through the night. Awakening at daylight, he gave it another go and for now, I'm thinking we are avoiding yet another costly repair. Let's hope so!

You may also just be wondering how it is that I'm blogging at 10 on a Tuesday morning instead of sitting behind the reception counter at the Polasek. If you were, here's why; another 50th birthday party. This time in Reddington Beach which is a little town next to Clearwater. Bruce, after fixing the ac, is behind his home office desk working away, but only for a little while longer. We'll be leaving soon for a mini beach get-away. Or at least I'll be on the beach later this afternoon. If I know Bruce, he'll be napping! How is it that we know so many "young" folks turning 50? It reminds me that before you know it, we'll be turning 60!! Yikes!

Woo-hoo! I finally figured out how to make the photographs larger!
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