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One Carry On

The other day I went in search of either a larger suitcase, or an additional one. Eventually I found something I thought might work, however, I was still open to suggestions. Returning from the office on Monday evening, Bruce said he was very tired and just wanted to catch up with the trial. I was not pleased because, as you well know, I don't care a whit about CASEY ANTHONY! Convincing him to come to the store with me was not easy. Nonetheless, he came, and together we found something we both thought would work, although he was unconvinced of the necessity of another bag. Silly, silly me.

What had me stymied was thinking about 12 days of clothing rather than six days or so. It isn't like Matthew doesn't have a washing machine. Duh! Yesterday morning in preparation for packing, I remembered I'd seen a flight attendant, either a slide show or a video, demonstrating how to pack one carry on for a long trip. Using everyone's friend Google, I found it. No surprise there. No surprise either that I'd seen it on the New York Times website. If you are packing challenged, you may want to look through this.

Following her tutorial, here's my version:
The packing list:
2 pairs of shoes-- one closed toe and one sandal
4 dresses
Three short sleeved shirts
Two long sleeved shirts
1 blouse
Bathing suit
2 pairs jean type pants
2 capris
Rain jacket
2 sweaters

Here is everything rolled and ready to pack:
And here is the packed version:
Pretty cool huh? As you can see, everything is either white, oranges, royal blues and black. Woohoo!
I still have the whole meshy thing on the lid I could put stuff in, as well as the front. So, there's your packing primer.

Regular readers will know that about our lawn struggles. No more, no more! In fact, I told Bruce we may have created the green monster what with how fast it is now growing. The summer rains have definitely arrived which hopefully will help my utility bill by bringing down the temperature AND providing free water for irrigation. As I type, the sky outside my window is gray and gloomy. The utility bill arrived two days ago asking for $333.00. This made me unhappy mostly because it is only June and we have months and months of HOT weather ahead of us.

Speaking of growing, the jatropha plants out back are growing like weeks, as our late Mother would say. Sorry Nancy. Rather than wait another two weeks, I did this yesterday after the packing:
Every single one of the pretty red flowers are gone, at least for now. Have I told you that Rogers' son Eddie, the one who had cancer, is marrying Beth in August? A cruise ship is the site of the wedding, which will then wisk them away on their honeymoon. As such, they wanted a pool party reception upon their return. You guessed it--they are having it here. Thus, that is one of the motivations for having the yard look its best. Hopefully, by mid-August, the red blooms will be back in all their glory!

Because I've been such a good girl and am already packed, I'm off to play bridge. Talk to you soon--or should that be AT you soon?

P.S. Although I did not find the will, the call to the attorney's office proved fruitful. They have the original. Sorting out of this matter is planned.

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