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Short and Sweet

It was a whirlwind visit with Jonathan and Alissa, but we made the best of it. I was Mom this weekend, a role that I'm not called upon to play too often these days. Making homemade blueberry pancakes for breakfast, hemming jeans and dress pants, getting shirt collars clean, ironing and arranging for forgotten dress shoes. And I grilled. I did not, however, accompany them on their shopping trip to H&M.

Before we had lunch, they finished with the tree. There is a gigantic hole in the sky across the street, not to mention, a lot more light in our kitchen eating area. And it's hot. Really hot without that shade.
Always looking for that silver lining, Bruce got some cash and asked if they'd be willing to move the stag horn fern whilst they were here. We've been trying, with NO success, to get Jody to come back and move it to the front tree. He put it between the pine trees facing hours and hours of sun which has been doing it no good. With no rain to speak of, watering it was impossibly hard. I had to get out a step stool , holding the hose up in the air, and hope some would fall upon the fern. Here's how they did it:
I apologize for the quality, I took it through the kitchen window. They hooked it on the front of that loader, raised it up to the level of the chain, and we are get to go! One bonus is that I can now enjoy seeing it while at the sink. Who knew all the changes a fallen limb would create?

Everyone enjoying lunch under the umbrella with a gigantic fan blowing away to make things cooler:
Baxter is awaiting some scraps. I am the only one who went in the pool afterward.

Alissa brought a wonderful Taylor dress to wear. Doesn't she have the most amazing skin?
We all know where Jonathan got the squinty eye syndrome from. :)

Seriously, this weekend the heat is definitely making it's presence known. If not for "Top Chef" we would have never had the crowd we did on a sweltering summer Sunday. There were four tapings under this big awning:
I ran over there now and then to take photos for Dana. Jonathan and Amy arrived at 4 AM to set up the produce and it sure showed. The TC folks said it was the BEST produce they'd seen on tour with only four stops to go! You may recall that J & A now have much of our furniture in their home.
They seriously outdid themselves. Along with the produce, they were grilling corn and boiling peanuts!

Because of the large crowds my sales were not too shabby. I needed that! Because Mr. Roger is still recovering,  I'm going through my inventory which is fine except that once I do order, I'll probably forget all that I'm out of. A small price to pay. We'd agreed that in Bruce's absence Bill would come down to help me load the Element. Bruce, of course, was at the funeral. A very sad occasion indeed. When he finally got home, I convinced him to let me take his picture which is no small feat.
Still adorable to me. He was happy to learn that I'd managed to take it all apart with little trouble. Bill loaded the heavy stuff and I was get to go.

While I was at the market, Bruce discovered that the bottom of our water heater has rusted through. We wondered why there was moisture under the rug in the garage! As well, when I went into our bathroom, I felt water on the floor. Double whammy! Fortunately, Bruce was able to fix the leaking toilet with ease. Good grief, what next?

Bruce may be camera shy, but you know who is not. Bruce re-christened our bird, Junior. I still like Juvy. Anyway the reason I'm subjecting you to yet another bird picture is because of the changes occurring. Do you see what I'm talking about?
For one thing his feathers are changing color, AND he's lost his little top crest! He looks anything like a teenager now, more like an old man! Make sure you click on the photo and see his expression large.

When Bruce booked the tickets for Jonathan and Alissa, he figured they wouldn't want to get home to late on Sunday, scheduling an 11 AM Sunday departure. Calling me after the market, Jonathan agreed it was for the best. He did mention that it's even hotter in Texas. Yikes!

The phone rang while I was typing this entry. It was my friend from bridge letting me know that the breast cancer is contained to her left breast, which obviously pleases her to no end. More about that later. The truth is, today I just didn't have my mojo. Don't know why...just didn't. Although I got up at 5:30 this morning as Bruce was leaving for the airport, I didn't get done nearly as much as I should have. Tomorrow, on the other hand, is another day.
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