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If You Haven't Read...

The Invisible Wall, I suggest you do.

Last week I called my bridge friend Debbie, the one whom I haven't seen in several months now because she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Sadly, when last I wrote about her, it seemed as if the cancer was confined to the breast, however, that's not true; four lymph nodes were involved. As such, she's going through all the treatments with some unexpected nasty side effects. Because she's not getting out much she's doing a lot of reading which led me to ask her if she's read anything good lately.

I'd not heard of Harry Bernstein before--don't know how I missed all the fuss; maybe because I was still in college? Anyway, his story is really remarkable. I won't go into all the details because that is what the link is for, but what you mostly need to know is his first published book happened when he was 96!!! Can you imagine? The story is a memoir of his impoverished childhood in a mill town near Manchester, England; he evokes the time, place and culture so very, very well. Using my handy, dandy Amazon Prime membership I received the book in two days for $8.99. I read somewhere online that when an editor finally read it she claimed it was "unputdownable." I like that word, don't you? Thank you Debbie!

A second book I've read this week was only so-so. No! I Don't Want to Join a Book Club would have benefited from some judicious editing, The author and I share some very similar views, despite the fact that she is British, which made some of it pretty amusing. Don't bother.

In yet one more reference to Britain, Matt posted this online which also amused me. Take a look at the real Madonna in this picture! My, doesn't she look ordinary?

Yesterday I was in a serious picture taking mood. Results follow:

On our early morning walk Baxter and I cast quite the shadows:
As we walked up the driveway there was some serious bird action going on in our garden. Unfortunately I had my fixed lens on the camera so I missed a close up. By the time we got closer, the unfamiliar bird on the right flew away:
Monday, after writing my post, I got to work signing the canvases and packing them up. My office was jam packed with some new things I'll be showing. Heaven help me--I hope some folks like them as I spent a fortune:
I am delighted with the fall leaves one, that much I can say. If no one buys it anytime soon I won't mind because I am loving seeing it BIG. The poppies on the left side are from the field near Matt's house which I traveled through on my way to the little market for breakfast goodies.

Just as I was getting in the car to visit my private banker, Bill Peck, the pool guy showed up. I was fairly perturbed that on Monday when they were supposed to come, no one showed up. Finally calling them around 1:30, they explained the guy called in sick. Nice.

Opening the gate for the new fellow, we discussed the situation poolside. As I glanced down I saw a little turtle swimming in the pool. How in the WORLD he was managing in that acid filled environment is anybodies guess. Plus, there is a little frog hanging on the tile. I ran to get my camera out of the car, doing my best to get him swimming which didn't work out at all. Here are the two little ones getting some fresh air. This one is for my sister Lisa!

I had some business banking that needed sorting out, so off to see Bill at his office on Sand Lake Road. He introduced me around and we got to work:
There is some serious need for wall decoration! It was really quite pleasant seeing him in his environment; I wish I'd seen Matt's workplace when we were visiting. I'm a lucky mom because my boys like me. Last week I had a very lengthy chat with Jonathan, Dave is always good for that, and Bill calls regularly. Yesterday he wanted me to hang out a bit. Nice. Matt loves a good visit as well. Plus, they love their Dad which is pretty remarkable. Both Bruce and I had Dad issues. Lucky, lucky parents that Bruce and Gail. :)

Because I was out that way I decided to stop at The Fresh Market, something I'd ordinarily not do because of the distance. What a wonderful store, albeit somewhat dark. One of the actions Bill took was closing some accounts and consolidating my funds. I had an extra $100 in cash, deciding to throw caution to the wind and spend it. Nice cheese, black and white cookies, beautiful bunch of fresia,  a lovely panini, wine, fresh cashews, olives and more. Don't freak out that I don't bring in bags to do my shopping when you see this cool cart I used to get my groceries to the car:
Unloading, once I got home, I discovered a little still life on the counter:
I loved the green and yellow combo. Going out back I was dismayed to see how low the pool had been drained:
I put in a second hose to get it filled back up quicker! The water was cloudy because he put EIGHT pounds of baking soda in there to counteract the Muriatic acid! Ouch--another horrible water bill! This morning he balanced the pool; hopefully by tomorrow we'll be back in business and it will all be worth it in the end.

One more thing regarding my bank visit. I don't know about you, but I have far too many passwords to remember; my Wells Fargo one vanished into thin air. We sorted that out. I now know how much money I've accumulated this year. Despite the slow summer and my huge outlay to Mr. Roger this week, I've managed to still be in the black. Nice.

Bruce has had a tough week in Wyoming, beginning with a missed flight out of Salt Lake City to Casper. With only two flights a day, he couldn't wait for the next one, instead opting to make the 441 mile drive instead. Long, long trip, however it was not without some pleasure. Apparently he saw at least 100 antelope grazing, not to mention some interesting outcroppings of rock formation. By the time he arrived and visited his job site, I was already in bed reading. Poor baby. Fortunately his inspection the next morning went well. I bet you already figured that out for yourself.

The time has come for Baxter and I to take a little ride to DeBary for his teeth cleaning. Bizarre-- I know. Sometimes it's easy to forget just how little he is until you see him at his level:
I'll let you know he behaves himself.
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