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When last we met, I told you Baxter and I were going for our morning walk/drag. Don't let that alarm you, I really don't drag him, it's more like tugging. He is not the kind of dog that will help you get any exercise, that's for sure. He ambles, stopping every chance he gets to mark his territory. On occasion, he has to stop for me. Why? Well, by now, you know that I take my camera with me everywhere, sort of like some people do with their phones. My poor old phone loses it's charge pretty quickly, so is often plugged in when I go out, however, I always have a camera ready for anything. 

Who else will show you how things are out in the world? Like how the beautiful golden rain trees are in bloom right now:
We used to have one of these trees when we first moved in, however, someone planted it way too close to the house and it had to go. Now I get my fix from my neighbors.

Last year, while redoing the backyard landscaping I was very excited to buy a bougainvillea tree. My excitement lasted not very long, mostly because instead of gorgeous peach colored leaves, mine are all green. I am oh so jealous of people who can get theirs to bloom like this one:
It is a huge tree, jam packed with brilliant fuchsia blossoms. According to some garden websites I've consulted, I'm not the only one whose plant will not blossom. In fact, apparently it is one of the most common garden questions of all. Always helps to know you're not alone.

Sometimes while doing errands I decide on a detour to see what I can see. It used to be that when I felt like taking pictures I would often stop at the Sheriff Department's horse barn located near the corner of Bumby and Michigan, a few miles from our home. Sadly, they closed the facility, so my horse taking picture days came to an end. Yesterday morning while driving to WalMart I decided to check on the peacocks. Strangely, I saw no males whatsoever, however, I did see lots of mothers and the babies which are now looking a bit like teenagers. I wasn't the only one checking the peacocks out:
In the last week, I have seen more people out enjoying the weather on bicycles than I've seen in the last six months. That should come as no surprise; it's like all the folks who live in cold climates, emerging after a heavy winter. They've survived freezing temperatures, we've survived yet another blazing hot summer.
Looks like a teenager to me.

Wondering why I was at the hated WalMart? That pesky squirrel I showed you last week kept jumping on the feeder, knocking it around and dumping all the seed. I now have a new garden hook from which to hang the feeder, although now I need more feed because of that rascal. I also finally found a container to hold the extra baby canvases. Although Bruce was pretty insistent that I find a basket, I could not, opting instead for a plastic crate. It was the size that proved problematic during my basket search.

On my way home from errands it occurred to me to stop at the thrift store, looking for little goodies, otherwise known as props. Maybe two Christmases ago, Matt gave me an adorable, hand made salt and pepper shaker set, that looks like a sailboat. I found two sailor s/p shakers to go along with it for $1.00. Aren't they the cutest?
You would think that the white hatted fellow was for salt, however, it's the other way around. 

As well I found these funny little pieces; a $2.00 total investment.
Apparently the blank face was to be filled with a photograph, however, this way is even funnier to me. 

As well, there was a terrific chest that I'm not showing because it might become one for sale. Believe me when I tell you that I've no doubt it could do well, which is normally not the case. Typically I've been surprised with photographs that sell repeatedly. A construction locker I saw off Conway Road on my way to the beach has exceeded every expectation. I told one vendor that all I've learned in the last four years about selling photography can be summed up thusly: YOU NEVER KNOW.

Something else that caught my eye was a collection of cobalt blue bottles, one of which was marked $5.00 which I thought excessive. Not one to bargain as a norm, I mustered my courage, asking him if he could do better. $3.00 was his final answer. I held it up to the light once I got home:
Turns out there are hundreds and hundreds of these bottles floating around, however, not so many with a cork stopper rather than a screw cap. There's an interesting story connected to this bottle which I've found here: What ails you. I found other websites, but this one is the best because not only does it tell you about Bromo Seltzer, it also gives you the origin of Pepsi and Vicks Vapo Rub. It's kind of interesting to contemplate what products produced today will have the kind of shelf life these products have.

I spent the afternoon signing the 11x14 prints, organizing as I went. Whew--finally done with that batch! More coming in though which I hope will see me through the next month or so. Of course it would be good if that were not the case, but I'm not pressing my luck. 

Just as I'd finished with mowing the lawn in the late afternoon, which by the way, I didn't sweat one drop, the phone rang. It was Kristen calling to catch up. Deciding to make it a little dinner date, I picked her up and we went for pizza. A nice way to end the day.

Today is filled with cleaning-myself-up-a-bit appointments. Teeth cleaning in the morning; hair spruce up in the afternoon. I'll be a new woman when next we meet.

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