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In With the New

Sound's pretty easy doesn't it? Well, my body will tell you differently. Seriously, it was like moving half our home! The good news is that both Bruce and I are ecstatic with the new carpet. Let's go back a few days and see how things unfolded shall we?

The closet painting proceeded without mishap. Have you bought any paint lately? Seriously, it is expensive these days. That said, the Super Paint from Sherwin Williams is indeed super. No spatters to speak of, drips almost non-existent, and goes on the wall like a dream. The same cannot be said for the cheap paint I bought for the closets. More like white wash. I got messier painting the closets than I did the whole room!
Fortunately it was not terribly dirty. Do not ask me why I put a cloth down when the carpet was coming out the next day. So that's our finished closet. Notice the trim in the middle of the wall? Before we had the house re-plumbed we had some serious leak issues. Bruce got to them by taking the wall down in the closet, once only a few days before we were hosting a huge party. Those were the days.....

The office closet looked like this during the process:
All those little hookie things are for the shelving system that had to come down. Again, the silly cloth.

Waking up at 6 on Friday morning I immediately went to work, removing everything that I could from the rooms. Where to put it? Why, the shower and bathtub of course!
Lamps, under the bed stuff, and linens from our bedroom. The counter held clocks, fan and photographs. The office next got the stripping action. Moving my computer to the kitchen table, I put most of the rest of the stuff in the hallway bathroom.
Baxter wondering what the heck was going on! I emptied my desk because I thought they would turn it on it's side which they did not. Oh well, this forced me to re-organize and trash things I no longer need. The Goodwill pile was growing...

Three fellows arrived around 8:30 amidst a slow drizzle. Thankfully, the rain never amounted to much because had it, the job would have had to be put off. This, of course, would not have made me happy. Laying a giant tarp in the driveway they roughly cut the pieces and stored them in the kitchen. They began in the smallest bedroom, moving to the office and finally our bedroom. All the while Baxter was roaming around puzzled.
This is JP doing his thing; making the seam which is done with a special tape and iron. Because of the wetness outside, not to mention the recent massive leaf drop, the house was getting messier by the minute. I swept multiple times trying to keep things manageable. Finally, at 2:30 they were done. While they were working on my office I began moving things back into the guest bedroom and so on. Good plan because as it was, I worked like nobodies business until 8:30 Friday night setting things aright. Bruce's flight finally arrived around then and once it did I called him to bring FOOD!

Earlier in the evening Angela came over to check it out. My tiredness was apparent, however, she dismissed it. My response? Keep in mind you are 13 years younger than I and let me tell you that makes a difference. Not that I want it to, but one must face facts. Although I'm still a pretty good worker, I AM NOT the same as I was nearing 45 years old. While I was putting stuff back in our bedroom I decided to shake things up a bit and rearrange the room. Not that I started the day thinking that way, but what the heck? When Bruce came home he was pleased. I'm still a little sketchy on placing the bed in front of the window. Here's a shot taken on Saturday afternoon after returning from what turned out to be an excellent day at the Winter Garden market.
What do you think? Here's the guest bedroom,
And finally my darling new office,
Perhaps darling isn't the word? I'm thrilled with it I'll tell you that much. The carpet is just wonderful; not only does it look good, but it feels fantastic on our feet. I couldn't be more pleased with the job Discount Carpet & Tile did. And to think I found them online.

Friday evening I was so beat I had to quit. Thus, Saturday morning Bruce finished moving the clothes into the closets and putting the doors back on. By the time I left for the WG market, things were looking decidedly better. Returning in the afternoon, I finished up the closet in the office. The public rooms are once again neat and tidy.

Speaking of the WG market, while driving there I was thinking all the while I didn't want to go. Listening to Scott Simon on Weekend Edition, I heard him interview Martin Mull and Fred Willard who partnered in the 70's for a show called Fernwood Tonight. I was running late, otherwise I would never have heard Fred Willard saying that a performer, and in my case an art vendor, should never turn down anything no matter how small because one never knows what it may lead to. Good advice Fred because I had my second best day on Saturday. So glad I went. The day was chilly to start but turned out lovely. We've got a new fresh flower vendor who had gorgeous flowers.
The citrus is in the peak season right now, looking and tasting amazing.
Strawberry season as well. The ones pictured were picked on Friday.

I rustled up some dinner but before I did I saw this beautiful sunset out the window necessitating a quick trip down to the lake.
Winter sunsets are the best!

Chilly Sunday morning temperatures turned into mild ones later on. This January has been the most beautiful in years. Starting slowly, I built momentum throughout the day with 24 sales before the day was over. Between the last two weekends I've sold 50 items. I must remind myself of this during the slow summer months! That said, defying reason, last August was my best month of 2011. Go figure. No art shows + little traffic=Big sales? Further proof that the longer I do this gig, the more the notion that "you never know" holds true. Yesterday the place was packed, prompting Jeff and Connie to ask when they showed up at my booth, "Is it always like this?" Why no, it is not, but when it is, we are happy! They came to my very first day at the market, bringing friends as well. I forgot to ask them while we shared dinner at 310 Park after the market, if they ever thought I'd make it five years. I'm sure I didn't!

Which brings us to this weekend's show. Visiting the show for ideas five years ago I never dreamed I would be amongst the artists one day. The competition for sales should prove tough as there are 299 others to choose from. Putting that thought aside, I am preparing for the best case scenario. More prints to pick up from Mr. Roger, and even more to order. I am thrilled to say I sold two canvases this weekend! As well I have an order for at least one more. Things are looking pretty good right now. May I appreciate it while it lasts!

Humbly yours,

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