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Top of the Morning to You

Indeed, it's a beautiful morning with cool breezes flowing through the open windows and lots of sunshine. I just got off the phone with the carpet folks and they'll be here tomorrow morning as scheduled rather than the message he left yesterday saying it was today. More on that to follow.

While talking to Nancy the other day she asked if we were doing only the office or all the bedrooms? Three rooms of dirty carpet=Three rooms of new carpet. I'm sparing you any other gross photographic evidence of the need.

On Tuesday I rode down to Lakeland with Bruce for his meeting and lunch. Darden is demolishing a closed Macaroni Grill, replacing it with an Olive Garden. As a matter of fact, as I type this, the building is supposed to be down. Bruce met there with some firefighters from the Lakeland Fire Department who he allowed to use the building for practice before the demo. They set off smoke bombs, smashed windows, and cut holes in the roof. He was giving them permission here for one last practice session.
After our lunch with the contractor's project manager and superintendent, we drove through downtown, landing almost exactly at the spot that I had last year at Mayfaire. The lake was chock full of birds, including a group of pelicans which surprised me.
And this Canadian goose,

While I was roaming the lakeside, Bruce used the time to take a little power nap. Like a dummy I had my camera on the wrong setting so most of my time was for naught.

Before being able to take photographs in earnest I took lots of things for granted. Now, everywhere I look I see a picture, maybe not always artistic, but a moment in time I'd like to remember. I'm sure I spent most of my life oblivious to cloud formations, now, on the other hand, they are an endless source of fascination.
Taken through the windshield (I was not driving!), they were so big and fluffy! As you can see the landscape is brown; a result of our recent cold snaps. Prior to that everywhere you looked the land was as green as can be.

Returning home we got to work clearing out the closets. Thankfully I did not have to go that one alone! Originally Bruce was coming home Thursday night, however his travel plans changed when a couple of big wigs scheduled a visit to his job just outside Boston. Instead, he'll be traveling home on the company jet Friday afternoon. So, he devised the plan, and we got to work. Here's what the sunroom looks like:
Yikes!! Plus the dining room table and one of the couches are piled with clothes and stuff. He took all the shelving out, moving some of the furniture as well. He claims the workers will not be as careful and I'm sure he's right.

I was happy to have a photo shoot yesterday so I didn't have to live with the chaos. As you know, Dana is one connected lady. As manager of the Church Street Exchange building she often has photographic needs and calls on your favorite blogger. The task yesterday was to photograph all the spaces on the bottom floor from every angle which doesn't sound too hard but believe you me, it was. I spent nearly six hours doing so. With my photographic equipment, jobs like this are difficult. As well, having no editing skills doesn't help! Bruce left for the airport around 9 and I went downtown soon thereafter. I tried all kinds of settings to combat the fluorescent lighting as well as the sunlight streaming through the storefront windows. My tripod even made a rare appearance. Using my flash wore down the battery faster than I'm accustomed to so I had to come home for a fresh one, eating a quick lunch while here. Allegedly the flash is good to even out the light, however the challenge is not to have light blobs on the windows.
See what I mean? Requesting shots from the outside of the building as well as the interior store fronts proved to be quite challenging for me. She also wanted the common areas which had an entirely different type of lighting.
By far one of the nicest features is the fountain which does get light from three different directions.
Another problem are all the straight lines everywhere. I see this one is off somewhat--must fix!

As well I photographed her event space on the second floor. Converting the former Orlando Magic preview space into a party space with a small budget takes creativity for sure. This one would have been great had it not been for my bag on the floor!
Here's the next room,
Again, lighting challenges for a novice like myself. I suspect I'll have to go back, but today is not the day for that. Six hours  yesterday was enough for me.

While talking to David on the phone and looking at the photos, an email notice came through on my computer. I was very happy to be chosen for the Melbourne Arts Festival. Last year I was on the wait list so being chosen this year makes me happy. For those of you who don't know it, I graduated Melbourne High School in 1971. Because I was new in town and had a long distance boyfriend, somehow I never got to know anyone those last two years of high school. I had one friend named Peggy. Kind of pathetic when you think about it. The downtown is quaint and right near water, so although the show is scheduled at the cusp of the hot season, perhaps that will make things cooler. Every now and again I like to take our show on the road. Speaking of which, Mount Dora is only NINE days away. Oh, how I hope the weather is good. Naturally I'm a little gun shy.

One final word about the shoot. A man opened a terrific gallery there, or I should say, set it up, because the grand opening is not until March. About a year ago I loaned Dana some pieces for what they hoped would be a gallery. Didn't really work. Imagine my surprise when I saw my pieces hung in the new space.
Those green palms? They are mine, however, Guy hung them in such a creative way that I think is brilliant. Originally it was to be a triptych, and I did show it that way once, however, this configuration is so much better. Of course you'd have to have a big space, but still. Before it was too dramatic, even for me. I'm very, very pleased.

In the first paragraph I mentioned the carpet timing. The fellow scared me a bit because the message he left said they would be here today. I'm not ready. The inside of the closets have not been painted in years and years and now is the time to do it. Although I'd rather lounge a bit today, the task needs doing and I'm the girl to do it. Off to the store for, if you can imagine, WHITE paint.

I'll leave you with my favorite kind of light--the sun which I'm so much better using.
So long,

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