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Treats all Around

So, you've heard about the tea and chocolates from London. What I've yet to write about is another amazing food gift from Jonathan and Alissa.

Friday evening, the eve of Christmas Eve, Alissa was checking something on her laptop just as the doorbell rang. Our UPS guy usually rings the bell, leaving the goods by the door. (she was checking the delivery time) And oh my, did he bring something good! Garrett Popcorn !!! Although I'd never heard of it before I won't soon forget how delicious it is. They ordered the Chicago mix which is caramel corn and cheese popcorn all mixed together. According to them, people line the sidewalks waiting for the hot stuff and now I see why. If it is any better hot, I can't imagine how people can stand it! The sweet and savory mix has to be tried to be believed. Next time I'm in Chicago I'm definitely heading there.

Bruce has three projects in various stages of construction in Maryland. Famous for crabs and seafood it is. Well, knowing how I love to try things from various states and countries he gave me a container of Obrycki's Seafood Seasoning. I've yet to try it because we've either been out somewhere or he's not been home, but apparently it is famous as well. Note to self--must buy shrimp.

Speaking of notes, that is one of the most useful things about my new phone. I just speak to the phone before I go out on errands--forgetting things should soon be a thing of the past. I know, I know, I could have just written things down and on occasion I would. Because the phone is new I'm giving it a go, hoping to change my spotty note writing behavior. Perhaps this counts as a New Year's resolution?

Back to the treats. Good grief the house is full of them! People seem to get a kick out of my birthday being on New Year's Eve. I'm not one of them for a variety of reasons, one of which is that all the year's treats are bunched into one week! In a very big surprise, last evening Mr. UPS rang the bell again. Did I order something I thought? Why no, I didn't, but Elena Gerli did. I've never met Elena in person, only through her photographs and writing online. A week or so ago she sent me a message, asking for my physical address. Okay. Apparently at some point in the past few years she recalled that I love See's Candies, made in her home state, California. Opening the box I was delighted to find a one pound box of chocolates. Using my camera phone application Instagram, I took this:
I'm wondering if perhaps I should change my birthday to July? So many treats, so little time.

Yet another treat came on Monday night. We had dinner with Cris, Judy, Katie and Jessica--the other Pecks. Judy is famous for her love of Christmas, each year decorating not one, but multiple trees for their home. This one below is the Granddaddy of them all. Apparently there are 2,500 lights!!!!
Bruce and I figured we used may 250 on ours? The picture below says a lot to me. There is love on her face as she points out some of her favorite ornaments.
I forgot to ask how many ornaments it takes to decorate a 12' tree--hard to imagine. We got to see our nieces, Jessica,
who is close to Bill and Dave's age. As well, Katie, who is seven months younger than Matt.
That's Katie on the right and Bill on the left. And THAT cake in the front was for me!!! Aren't those darling candles? I was so surprised! Judy made a delicious lasagne--her own creation. Unlike our children, Katie and Jessica don't look much alike, somewhat like Bruce and his brother Cris.
It was the first time we all sat around the dining table which Cris and Judy inherited when Bruce's mom died almost two years ago. Time sure has a way of getting away from a person. Don't you agree?

Aside from eating treats you may be wondering what I've been up to. Ordering, my nemesis. I went through the entire 1,000 pictures of mine that Mr. Roger has uploaded to Picasa web albums, making a list. Once that misery was over, I was trying to force myself to type it and send it via email. While talking to him yesterday afternoon about how much I didn't want to, he suggested I use my phone to photograph the lists and send it that way. And so I did.
I'm thinking positive friends, ordering nearly 100 prints and actually even more. A month from now I'll be showing for the second day at the Mount Dora Art Festival and Lord willing I'll need all those prints! He said it worked perfect. Although I resisted getting this phone, it sure is coming in handy.

The cold weather did materialize, although at our home it wasn't nearly as cold as predicted. Count me happy to have been able to wear my Uggs all day yesterday! This morning was crisp and cool again, with steam rising from the lake two doors down at sunrise.
Time to spiff up a bit for bridge. We didn't meet during the holidays so it's anyone's guess how much I'll remember, but I'm sure to have fun nevertheless.

Stay warm dear readers,
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