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Be Solid

While driving home from the pool store yesterday I heard an interview on the radio about commencement addresses that struck a chord with me. The author of the book, an offshoot of his famous commencent address to Dartmouth graduates, lists ten things you won't typically hear upon graduation. Number ten on the list is "don't try to be great." Instead, he suggests that you be solid at what you do. Makes me think things like dependable, conscientious, that sort of thing. Doing the very best that you can, accepting your limitations, and generally things will work out for you. In my little business I think that means that, over time, singles don't seem nearly as glamourous as home runs, but they all have a part in the game. My take away? Building my business $10 at a time is a good thing.

Enough philosophizing right? Let's have some fun here!

Baxter, as most of my regular readers know, is not much of a walker. Sure, he'll go if you practically tug him along EXCEPT for when I take him to Cypress Grove Park. There, he is an Olympian, running like there is no tomorrow. Because I'd mostly ignored him last week,  I decided he deserved a little treat as in riding in the new car, AND, a trip to the park. He seemed to very much like having a seat to perch on, which leads me to believe he likes the new car as much as I do. Anyway, as is always the case, the minute I pulled up he got very excited. Wait just a minute little guy! This vehicle may have a seat for you to sit on, but you can't be jumping down to the ground with your little legs.

The roses, bare on our last visit, were tremendous. Practicing a little soft focus here:
Soft focus, by the way, is all over Etsy. As is processing in general. When I began five years ago, Bill suggested I would need to learn how to edit because I'd be competing against those who do. Stubborn probably, but I resisted. To date it's served me well, (see above), but I'm not so sure I can keep up with the Etsy crowd. Time will tell.

As we wandered into the areas with wide open fields I noticed what I thought was a horse trailer pulling up under a shady area in one of the parking lots. Walking closer, indeed it sure was a horse trailer.  Two women got out of the truck portion, opened the back of the trailer and here is either Judy or Dixie with part of their cargo:
I'll be thinking of the sisters when I complain about being old for what I'm doing. The ladies who own High Horse Carriage Rides are just under and over 70 years old! The carriage came out and then the horse, or perhaps it was the other way around. Anyway, they were preparing for the wedding of a British couple who were to be taken from the park to the church down the road, and then back again to the on site house for the reception. Although they told me what kind of horse they used, I promptly forgot, but their handy website reminded me that Neiman is an American Draft Cross, if that means anything to you.
As we drew close I wondered how Baxter would react to being around such a big animal because large dogs just make him bark as if he were their size. He stood by my side, quiet as a mouse. The women explained to me how they were horsewomen for most of their lives, then, as they were getting older, hatched the idea for carriage rides and the business took off like gang busters. For the event they change into top hats and the like, right inside the trailer which is equipped with a bathroom and bed. You might notice how long the mane is because that's the way they like it.
Admittedly, they told me, that it is somewhat hard to keep untangled! It was a very fun little random sighting I'll tell you that much.

Backing up a few days to the weekend, one of the nice things about staying there was sitting outside watching the world come to life including the sun rise.
If you can believe it, and I know that you can, those darn squirrels are back to gnawing away on Bruce's kayak!!! This morning, and I have no clue if it will help, I sprayed the outside with a bleach mixture, hoping the smell will be enough to drive those pesky rodents away. Wishful thinking probably.

I happened into the local Dollar Store for some rocks on Tuesday afternoon and found this silly little thing that is making me laugh every time I walk by it in the sunroom.
And why is it in the sunroom you ask? Solar powered hula girl!! She dances when she gets hot. I should have probably bought about ten of them and done a photo shoot with them all lined up dancing. Whimsy, my friends, adds much to our serious lives, don't you agree?

Are you sick of birds yet? Because if you are, this won't interest you in the slightest! I am not sick of birds so you'll just have to put up with me. For weeks now I've been seeing this bird on one or the other of the feeders:
Studying the book I could NOT identify said bird. In fact, a few posts ago I called it my mystery bird, thinking it was some kind of sparrow. Well no wonder! I was looking under the wrong type. Finally in my frustration I sent the photo off to someone knowledgable on the subject and she informed me that it is a female red winged blackbird. Amazing that it has not one bit of black right? And red for that matter!

The funny thing is that several weeks ago, when Bruce came across the listing in the Audubon book, he said that they had made a mistake in labeling. Apparently not, which of course we knew, but just couldn't believe. Birds are indeed fascinating! Below the bird you can see my window box, mounted on the fence, is starting to come along. If my flowers need sun they are sure getting their fair share lately because there have been very few clouds. I finally caved, turning on the air conditioner the other day when the heat was getting to me. It pains me to be shut up inside not being able to hear my birdies but I don't much care for having a heat stroke either.

Don't try to be great--be solid!

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