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I Can See Clearly Now

I don't know about you but I'm notorious for putting off tasks that I don't like. Surely it's not because I don't have time to do them because with a schedule like mine--who wouldn't have time? The truth of the matter is, that sometimes, I'm just plain lazy when it comes to housekeeping.

For whatever reason I woke up this morning thinking TODAY is the day to clean those sunroom windows. And so I did, and really, it wasn't so bad after all. Perhaps you're like me when facing a task such as mine, you think someone else might have a better idea on how to do things than you do. Of course, I turn to the internet, as I bet, on occasion, you do as well. I knew I was going to use a long handled brush with some sort of mixture, but what kind, I left up to Google. Ammonia, alcohol and a drop or two of dish soap. I remember once asking the folks at Publix how they got their bakery cases so spotless and they told me the secret was alcohol. Drying effect and all. What I didn't need was a video to show me how to mix it up. Apparently some people might . Check out this video on how to blend taco seasoning spices! Can you imagine? I mean really. A person who is going to be making their own taco seasoning surely wouldn't need a video would they?

After completing the sunroom, including the door, I tackled the side and front glass doors as well and am I glad I did! I can hardly hold back a minute longer before showing you the CUTEST bird picture I've ever taken!!!
One of our baby cardinals showing off how grown up he is. Or maybe it's a girl? I can't tell just yet, probably more out of ignorance than anything. I suppose that little crest must say something wouldn't you think? A few days ago I bought that little bird house on a stand he is perched upon, placing it on the ground right below the Nuttery. For the moment the squirrels have dumped all the food once again, so prior to me taking this photo baby was eating off the ground. I took this through the clear door so now you know how why I am so happy. After little guy finished his shaking I then saw his SIBLING coming to join him!
They scooted away before I could get anything more. The cuteness is almost more than a person can stand!

Now that we've got that out of the way, what really happened is that while standing at the kitchen sink preparing my lunch I looked out the window and what should I see but....
Yep, a long as heck, black racer snake who, shortly after this was taken, slithered into the bushes on the right which house above bird house! Plus you can see all the seed. Boo hiss. I may have to get nasty with the squirrels. I know my friend Karen used to spray some bothersome raccoons with ammonia which sent them running; maybe that would do the trick?

While eating my lunch at the kitchen table I spied some activity through the side door. My goodness there were two blue jays digging through my new purple supertinias which are not faring nearly as well as I'd hoped. Is it any wonder I get anything done around this place. It's non-stop action!
I'm thinking this is a male and female. What you don't see so well in this case (bushes in the way), is the one furthest from you has a stick in it's mouth which he carried away. Baby blue jays next?  While visiting Appenbury's, a local garden center, I learned that although the supertinias are great bloomers, they are not quite as easy to grow as I was lead to believe. Apparently, watering them is tricky--too much and they don't like it, same goes for not enough. Hard to find a happy medium which I'm learning fairly quickly.

Yesterday at bridge Jean asked me what the heck is Instagram? Let me show you I said, pulling out my purple-clad iPhone. I took Debbie's photo first, while she was dealing the cards as you can plainly see:
You'll remember that Debbie has just re-joined us after nearly a year's hiatus while undergoing breast cancer treatment. She is such a joy to be around; her attitude as I've mentioned before is remarkable. Well, that shows in the picture doesn't it? I'm not sure I could go out in public with my hair just beginning to grow and wear GIGANTIC hoop earrings to boot!

Jean was up next and in fact I did post her photo to Instagram because she kinda liked it. Instagram to facebook= simple. Here's the unedited version of Miss Jean who is over 70 and recovering from open heart surgery only two months ago!
Another thing we have in common, aside from loving orange, is, she too, is a former x-ray tech! I have so enjoyed not only learning to play bridge, albeit slowly, but meeting all the wonderful ladies. I'm one lucky gal.

So too is the person who recently sold a version of "The Scream" for $120 million. I couldn't agree more with this commentary from the NYTimes though. It's kinda like the current salaries paid to CEOs of large companies--really? Is anything, or anyone, worth these astronomical sums? Of course not.

You may very well be wondering how it is that I came across the taco seasoning video and I won't keep you in suspense one minute longer. I agreed to take dessert tonight for a little impromptu party over at Barb and Steve's house. A trifle seemed like a good idea, however, after searching for a recipe, I discovered I don't have one ingredient or another, so Toll House cookies will have to do. In fact, I need to head into the kitchen right about now.

Before I do I wanted to thank my friend Karen Howard for her kind comment yesterday. Sometimes, even after posting 991 times, I feel as I did when I was writing post #1. Is anyone reading what I write? Do I really have anything worthy of anyone else's attention? Is it all just an exercise in futility? And then along came Karen....

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