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Peach Pie for Breakfast! Oh My!

Because I had both lovely peaches and blueberries, I made a pie yesterday afternoon combining the two, using a store bought crust. Rarely do I not make my own crust, and after this pie, I suspect I won't be going this route again any time soon. There's really nothing like home-made is there? Instead of a top crust, I made a crumble using crushed vanilla wafers and old-fashioned oatmeal, butter and cinnamon.

Now before you go getting all high and mighty about having pie for breakfast, I told Bruce that with the addition of ICE CREAM, it was almost like having cereal for breakfast, only in a different form!
Both of us thoroughly enjoyed pie for breakfast, in fact, I imagine it won't be the last time this summer that we do so!

Before I ate my decadent breakfast I went for my ride, which if you're counting, I'm up to 170 miles since beginning this experiment. For once I was up early, early, as in like 5:30, so, waiting until daylight I took off, riding down Summerlin, around the curves, parking my bike alongside Lake Pineloch at sunrise.
Dave and Michelle live directly across the lake, as does Bill. This morning, perhaps because we finally had a nice rain last night, the air was fairly pleasant. I started to say cool, but you knew that was an exaggeration didn't you? Speaking of the oppressive heat, normally inside our back gate, the temperatures are a wee bit cooler than the rest of the yard. I can't imagine what the thermometer would have read had it been on the outside of the fence!
Of late, my cardinals have been somewhat elusive. Where could they be? Remember when I wrote the post entitled  Our Garden Birds, using Matt Sewell's title? Well, I sent that post along to Mr. Sewell and he replied in clever fashion, sending me the link to his charming post, Cardinal By Matt Sewell. Needless to say, I was delighted.

The red-winged blackbirds have not been as scarce, but now that I say that, it's mostly the males that screech their way around the yard.
Oh, I forgot to tell you, the townhouse has lost it's ground floor! Despite all of our efforts, going so far as to add a squirrel baffler above the feeder,
the wily squirrels somehow, which neither of us have actually seen in person, jump between the baffler on top of the feeder. Every now and again one of us will look out there and there is one of them, happy as a clam, eating away. So, now it's a two story affair, after being knocked to the ground!
Damn those pesky squirrels!! I lied, here's a cardinal. Just not so many. :-)

The garden is looking sadder by the day. Despite multiple blooms, my beautiful ivy geranium is going by the wayside any day now, with brown leaves like mad.
I am, on the other hand having some excitement indoors. Only about a week ago, while at the market, I told Kathy that the African violets I purchased from them didn't seem as if they would ever bloom again. But, then this happened:
Mind you, only one of the three is doing this, but I'm calling it a small victory! Jim tells me that sometimes they are just using their plant energy to grow leaves rather than flowers. I'm wondering if the mottled leaves below should be removed? Knowing nothing whatsoever about the plants, I need to do some research. I've heard that some folks become obsessed with African violets, adding more and more to their collections. Somewhat like orchids. Which brings me to another exciting development!!!
I was pleased as punch when I bought this orchid from Jim, even more so now that another stem is forming with blooms! This was ten well-spent dollars!

Finally, my birdie mobile has a new home:
Cute, huh?

We've discussed ad nauseum my horrible memory; let's add one more item to the list of things nearly forgotten. Thank goodness, while eating my pie, I was reading the newspaper, more specifically, The Calendar section which lists the around-town happenings. Before falling asleep last night Bruce asked me if I wanted to go on a date tonight? I answered, "we'll see." Good grief, I'd already planned a date, buying tickets last Friday for The Pitmen Painters at the Mad Cow Theater!! What happened was that I tried to purchase them for last weekend, only to be told that all the shows were sold out. The helpful young woman on the phone asked if I'd like them for tonight which seemed like a good idea at the time. You can well imagine how disappointed I would have been once I remembered after the fact. Not to mention the wasted cash outlay.

The lawn is mowed, finished soon after eating that big, fat, slice of yummy pie, and the clothes are soon to be on the line. Life is good.

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