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Still at Gatorland....

We are at least as far as my posting is concerned. In just fours hours I saw so many interesting things that I've got more to share with my faithful readers, and you know who you are. Thank you very much!

Wandering along the boardwalks at Gatorland it is hard to fathom the volume of gators all in one place. Thousands is the claim! And who is to argue with them? Not this observer.
This is only one tiny part of the greater lake where many of them lurk. Maybe not lurk, but I kind of like that word, don't you? Many folks are surprised that the shore birds and gators get along just fine, but once you realize that the gators protect the birds from other predators, it all makes sense. They are even known to ride on their backs!
Speaking of riding, brave souls, of which I'm not one, can now zip line over the gator ponds!!!
I kept wondering what would happen if someone were to fall me the creeps just thinking about it.  While on the topic of brave souls, I would not want to be one of these guys fixing the pond edging with only some sort of fencing between them and hundreds of gigantic alligators.
Originally I thought perhaps this gator had been on the losing end of some sort of gator on gator battle, however, perhaps it is sleeping with one eye open?
Look Ma--three teeth!!

I mentioned the barnyard petting area which houses mostly goats, the bull, and a chicken. During an earlier visit a few years ago there was a wily llama wreaking havoc with the guests, so much so his days at Gatorland were numbered. All quiet on the barnyard front...
No one would ever accuse these guys of being rowdy, that's for sure!
Since my previous visit the tortoises have a spiffy new watering hole to keep their cool.

Not to be left out, the children have what looks like a fun, low-key watering hole themselves. No wild rides or tubes, just good old fashioned running around and getting soaked! That's one good way to fight childhood obesity and stay cool.
Yesterday I mentioned how much I like flamingos when what I should have said is how much I love their feathers...
Beautiful, aren't they? I adore the color and it always surprises me to see that they have some black feathers underneath all this lovely shade of salmon.

I would show you a couple of snake photographs, except I think I've lost a few readers with the gator pictures--adding snakes on top of that would shut every open browser window!!!

You don't mind birds do you? Well, maybe some of you do because one of my best friends hates birds; surely she is not alone in her disdain. If so, quit while you are ahead because there are a few more bird photographs to slog through...
Color coordinated feet and beak portion! Above is a Snowy Egret, below is a Great Egret who is showing off his own type of coordination.
You would have thought I'd had my fill of seeing birds but despite leaving Gatorland, I had one more bird encounter. I made it sound like I had those directions just perfect, but truth be told, I took one wrong turn off of 441, landing in what turned out to be a subdivision with no exit. Just as I was discovering the cul de sac to take me back to the highway I saw THIS!!!
What a mixed brood! It is sad to think these little guys may turn out as unattractive as their momma, not one of the prettiest water fowl I've seen. A Muscovy Duck in case you're wondering.

So, there you have it, a visit to Gatorland in two parts. I hope this inspires others to visit whether they live here, or are visiting Orlando. It truly is a weird and wonderful place.

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