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A New Look

Let's just start this whole thing off with something beautiful shall we? 
While our country was deciding if we wanted a new look for the government, I was buying a new look for my kitchen. Although I was warned that not using my dishwasher would lead to problems, I largely ignored those warnings. Well, not so much ignored them, but just didn't follow through as I should have. Thus, my dishwasher is once again kaput. This got me to thinking about everything else in the kitchen. Should I, or shouldn't I? I did.

It was my second trip to Southeast Steel to see what, if anything would fit into my preordained kitchen spaces. Anymore, most everything built is for a larger kitchen than mine. Before I made the second trip, I headed over to Ikea, thinking perhaps they would carry a 24"oven, but according to the nice young woman who helped me, no one bought them, prompting Ikea to no longer carry them in their American stores. Plus, I learned Whirlpool makes all of their appliances in case you are wondering. Along the way I took this to update you on the new Performing Arts Center going up:
Once I arrived, I pondered anew what to do. Our former neighbor and the salesperson we've always used, Craig, showed me my options. Limited, that's what they are. On my first visit he gave me the number to GE so I could call and find out just how old my wall oven is. Turns out it was made in July 1986 which is a pretty long time ago. The thing is, it still works beautifully, but at that age it could probably go any time. Finding parts would prove challenging. According to Craig an average life span for an oven is around15 years. Looking around my kitchen I realized it is the only thing I've never had break down. The one thing about needing smaller appliances is that they are decidedly less expensive so that's a good thing. When Angela came over last evening she exclaimed, "You're getting rid of the Iceberg?" What pray tell is that you ask? Meet the Iceberg:
She is more than delighted that Saturday afternoon, this refrigerator will be heading out the door to make way for a stainless steel version, which will not stick out like a sore thumb, or an iceberg, if you use Angela-speak. It too has served me well for 13 years now, but hey--gotta keep the economy moving right? I hope, hope, hope I like a bottom drawer freezer!
Southeast Steel has been in town forever, adjacent to the Lynx station (bus) and the railroad tracks.
Why am I showing you this? Because the Bankruptcy Court purchased a night version taken from this very corner!

After finishing my purchases I had lunch at home, grabbed by license and sample ballot, and rode up to the polling place on Ferncreek. This is the first time in my voting life that I can remember tables set about a large room with people sitting two to a table voting. I'm still really puzzled by this as there were no barriers between anyone. As well, when a neighbor came by later in the day, he told me there were four to a table when he was there in the morning. The ballot was exceedingly long, made ever more so with the Spanish translation under each item. I have no idea why in the future they couldn't have two ballots, one in English and one in Spanish, sort of like when you have to push one for English and two for Spanish on the telephone. Outside signs, signs, and more signs!
Last evening while watching the election results on CBS, I went through magazines, tearing out recipes, and putting them out for recycling. As well, I finally got to my continuing education articles and quizzes, completing two--one on sleep disorders and one on pancreatitis.  Although I've kept my license up to date I'm wondering if now it is a fruitless endeavor. There is no doubt it would be next-to-impossible for me to get a job taking x-rays again, what with all the younger and less expensive graduates coming out of Valencia. Decisions, decisions......

Speaking of recycling, I put a notice on fb about the fridge--free to a good home. I've found a taker--an artist friend with three teenage boys in the house. A situation close to my heart for sure. I remember those days when there was never enough room for food in the fridge. The Iceberg is moving to Hunter's Creek on Monday!

Around 5 today I'll be setting up for my two days at Darden, hoping for a good turn out. I like doing this show because I see the ladies, and they are mostly ladies, only once a year. so there is much to catch up on. Others show quilts, pottery, jewelry, Christmas decorations and knitted articles. It should be fun.

Forward we go...
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