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The Eagles Have Landed

I can tell I'm going to have a new obsession for the next week or so. Are you ready for this?? This morning my ride took me down Ferncreek towards the Lake Conway dock. The neighborhood adjacent to the lake is lovely, and I'd not visited there for a few weeks. It was a chilly morning, one that reminds me I must get some sort of longer pants, rather than shorts, as well as some light gloves. But, I digress....

As I was heading home along Ferncreek, I spotted, not one, but TWO eagles in a needleless pine tree!! Without further ado....
It is times like these when I wish I had a longer zoom! I've cropped this pretty severely because they are about 60-70 feet in the air. After coming home I decided perhaps I could try the Panasonic, so jumping in the car I drove over there only to find that one had flown away. Despite having just charged the battery it showed only about 1/4 charge, further proof that it is heading for retirement. Typically I don't use the digital zoom feature, but I decided to give it a try. This one is not cropped.
You just know that I'll be back! Once I returned, and was finally eating my English muffin with peanut butter and a glass of V8 juice, this lovely wood thrush had a little bath out front.
Good grief birds are fascinating creatures. Did you know that there are more bird species than any other type of animal? 10,000! Astonishing number, right?

Before we go further I must warn you that today's post is going to be uber-heavy with photos because there are just so darn many interesting things to see. So, if you're up for it, here we go.....

During yesterday morning's ride, I saw this at the corner of Ferncreek and Pershing:
So what? Well, this gentleman from the County was putting new gigantic stop signs together to replace this 30" one:
At 48", the thinking is that surely people will stop. Duh! Seems to me like 48" is overkill, but with everyone texting and driving, I guess it takes something huge to get people's attention.

Since I've been using my "Thank You" bags, I've never run out of them, but by golly, heading into Sunday's show, I was down to two. During the week, although I'm constantly taking photographs, I rarely think about my baskets and such. Good thing while in the garage yesterday morning I noticed a small canvas in said bag and remembered that a trip to Barr Display was in order. 400 should do it for a while. On the west side of town, I saw a few things on my little journey. I can't help it--stuff just jumps out at me!

Santa has come to this yard and threatens to take over:
I dropped into my favorite Midcentury Shop, "Something Different" and immediately was accosted by ORANGE!
Indeed, an orange sectional, wall and accessories. Turning around, this display of one of my new favorite colors, purple, was on a table:
How cute is this?? In case you're wondering, the set is Japanese. I remember when products first began arriving from Japan when I was a young girl--it seemed so exotic back then.

In the evening I went to see my new friend, the director of FAVO, Will Benton's exhibit at "Infusion Tea." More orange as I arrived!!!
This was my first visit to Infusion Tea but it won't be my last. Fantastic tea pots---I wanted one in every color! The multi-talented Will has been painting for a short time which seems not to matter a whit--he is good at everything!
Pictured on the right, he is talking up FAVO with this gentleman. The space is filled with both awesome art, and trinkets, with folks enjoying dinner at the many tables. Really, everything about the space is so creative including this fantastic screen facing Edgewater Drive.
Clever way to shield the outdoor dining from the passing cars isn't it?  Love it!

Well, that wasn't so bad after all was it? Continuing the orange theme, the oranges are ripening on the trees in a few yards, including this one which was having a bath:
My plan is to begin wrapping gifts this morning, followed by an afternoon of bridge, followed by my husband's return this evening. Yippee!


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