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'Twas the Month Before Christmas

'Twas the month before Christmas,
And all along the streets,
The yards were adorned 
With Christmasy things

While some looked good in the daylight
Others did not,
But oh what a sight this must be,
when the lights go out.

There are bows and striped candy,
and a dog here and there,
with some dressed to kill,
while others just barked.

There is Jesus and Mary
and Joseph too,
With an oversized angel, 
and an elephant in fireman gear,
both watching out 
for the Holy trio.

Not to be left out,
Santa appears too,
Perhaps he's become a vegan
in 2012?
As the calendar turns to December,
We shall see more,
keep coming back,
for a laugh or two!

Okay now, my last attempt at poetry! With Thanksgiving coming so early this year the folks who have already decorated may be wondering when they get their utility bills, "what was I thinking?" Then again, perhaps not. I'm probably only jealous because Bruce has never been one to get into Christmas lights. 

Are you with me on the silliness of people now calling it "holiday lights?" Come on folks, lighten up please! The world of political correctness has gone crazy in my humble opinion. I heard this piece on the radio yesterday about how in Sweden they are becoming a gender neutral society.  No more he and she! Instead when a child is out sick they say, "our little buddie is out sick" instead of he/she. Yikes!! What will they think of next?

Speaking of creativity, this is the first time I've seen this:
The arms are a nice touch don't you think?

Today is session six of our ArtBiz class at FAVO. The homework this week includes questions about where you want to show now and in two years. You know me, I'll probably still be at the Lake Eola market come rain or shine. She also suggests you think about if you've outgrown a space. Have I? One thing this weekend showed me is how all artists approach the customers differently. Whereas I usually say, "If you have any questions about where I've taken anything?", Brandy is reluctant to even speak to folks who come into her booth because she doesn't want to appear pushy. Maybe it is our age difference, she's only 31, but I don't think I'm being pushy, only informative. Sometimes folks say something like, I'm okay and I back off completely until such time as they raise something out of the bin saying "where was this?" I may be wrong but I think when I say what I do, it raises their curiosity level. Who's to say but it seems to work for me.

Breakfast awaits as does my class. Let me know if you can think of some better rhymes will you?
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