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I Had My Picture Taken With the Mayor

This afternoon, instead of being behind the camera, I faced it, front and center, while shaking hands with Mayor Buddy Dyer. Then there was a group shot, mostly guys, but I think there were three of us ladies included as winners of the Historic Preservation Board's annual calendar contest. Guess what? Two of mine were selected this year, meaning I earned $200. Not bad, huh? Already I've forgotten what the other month was, and truth be told, I could check, but really, the one that interests me the most is the one chosen for my birthday month!
I can thank my sister Maureen for this because about four years ago she told me about the contest, and I've been entering ever since. Because I was not chosen the previous two years, I'd not been so close to our mayor, who I must tell you, seems to have lost a considerable amount of weight and looks much better. What I learned today is that this beautiful house was designed by James Gamble Rogers, and Beth Johnson, our first female State Senator used to live here. I urge you to check the link--what a lovely woman, and apparently it was she who helped establish the University of Central Florida. It is on a tiny street off Colonial Drive, named Peachtree Road. :) Historic indeed.

A normal person might quit taking so many photographs, but there is a reason this blog has "crazy" as part of the title. Since Matt discovered that I'd almost run out of hard drive space and taught me how to re-route things to my external hard drive, I've continued to take photographs with reckless abandon. But you knew that.

Today was no different. While riding this morning I remembered that it was the first Monday of the month, thus the admission to Leu Gardens is waived. No Gail--don't go--you've got a really busy week ahead of you. Yes, Gail--go, go, go. You can guess which won.

A certain someone I know loves camellias, as do I. Angela has a bush, and told me it was already blooming, so I expected as much of the bushes at Leu Gardens. Many are still covered with buds, but a fair amount of them are already showing their colors. Cue--camellia photo....
If it were the tiniest bit more red, instead of pink, I might be inclined to call this a Christmas photo.  I only hope that when that certain someone arrives in a few weeks from London, there will be gazillions of blooming camellias that we can go visit.

While taking photos I often think of various people (see above), who like specific things. My sister Lisa likes turtles. Perhaps she will like this photo.
Totally weird I know. Swimming in the lake adjacent to the park, the overcast skies tinted the water a shade of gray.

Then there is the little problem of this blogger who likes most anything. Daisies--yep--love them!
Actually these are blooming on a GIGANTIC daisy tree!! Standing some 30 feet in the air, it is covered with these fantastic blooms. I just knew there was a reason "yes, go" won out. There was a time when I went to Leu Gardens every single month--always practicing, but these days, with flowers in my own yard, I've gotten a bit lazy. There are a few more that I'll post tomorrow because it's time to move on to the next phase of today's picture taking adventures.

Yes, once I was done at the City Council meeting, as I was walking to the parking garage, I realized that if I went up to the ninth floor of said garage I could get some cool downtown shots. This reminded me of something I did with the kids long ago, which I doubt any of them will remember. While the new City Hall was under construction, I can't exactly remember how I finagled it, but the five of us went up to the top to see what we could see. I'm still doing that, just not with four boys in tow!

This is the new Orlando Utilities building--bless their hearts, they have lowered our power bills. From the street I have not once noticed those solar panels. In the distance on the bottom right is Arnold Palmer Woman & Children's Hospital where our niece Jen had her two adorable boys.

The performing arts center is still a work in progress, with two big yellow cranes doing the heavy lifting.
I had no idea there were wheels and almost like a pulley system way up there in the air! Back on the ground it looks like this from the corner of Anderson and Orange Avenue.
There was lots of discussion about razing the round building on the right, however, what the outcome of those discussions was, either I've forgotten, or never knew in the first place. I think I'll go with the never knew idea!

While we are still downtown, before I forget, my friends from the market, Jim and Ken are hamming it up for the camera on Sunday.
After surprising him with the gift, Ken asked if I would take their photo. Seriously, you can not meet two nicer guys and I'm not the only one who thinks so. With their sparkling personalities, they have become one of the stars of our markets!

Since I was still out and about, I thought to myself, "self, why not just head over to the Orlando Wetlands Park because you know you love the changing colors of the Cypress trees." So, I did.
See, we still have fall in Florida, only a few months behind the rest of the country!

If all this good stuff weren't enough for today, my tea arrived.
All 440 bags! If that sounds like too many, it's not. This is my absolute most favorite tea which I have been getting at Marshalls. Trouble is, they haven't had it for months. While talking to my sister Nancy the other evening, she of the Marshalls manager fame, I decided to see if it was available online somewhere. You guessed it--Amazon. Because I no longer have Amazon Prime, and I know that Jonathan does, I sent him the link, he ordered it, and just as I'd used my very last tea bag this morning, along came UPS. Lest you think it will go stale, I'm showing you the expiration date which seems about right. One cuppa per day + 440 days=Perfect.

When last we met I was planning on watching my favorite, Florida State Seminoles, who played great for two quarters, horrible for the next two, but managed to pull out the victory. Whew--it was close.

Is anyone else as excited about the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall's news? Can you imagine how beautiful that baby will be?

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