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Worst Title Ever?

Post # 1102 must rank as the worst title I've ever come up with--good grief. I'm tempted to change yesterday's title, but then again, failures help us to improve. Or, at least that's the theory.....

So, where were we? Baxter, that's where we were. Not only did Baxie have a limp, but as an afterthought I sent along the blanket he sleeps on at night because it had what appeared to be grains of rice on it which stymied the both of us. Well, good thing Bruce took it because I'm not sure we would have ever known that our poor little doggie had a TAPEWORM! No doubt you don't want to know anything more about it, and frankly, neither do I, but I will tell you that there is no threat to our health (or our guests!), and after taking the two pills yesterday evening it should pose none to Baxter anymore.

Thinking about dogs--I'm posting this as a public service announcement. These folks need your help if you live anywhere near me! Both signs have remained all over our area for nearly a week now. I imagine both owners must be frantic by now.
In other pet news, it seems as if Paul has found his land tortoise, or so I hope, because the sign is gone.

While looking through my pictures, I realized I took very few during the holidays--not a single one of Bruce, which is just fine by him. I did, however, take a few of my sons and those they love. Jonathan and Alissa are watching Bruce open one of his gifts on Christmas morning in this one:
Does anyone have more beautiful skin than Alissa? I'm typically not the jealous type, however,  I'm not ashamed to admit I'm seriously jealous of her glow!

Bill, Fallon, Dave, and Michelle came over around lunch time for their gifts. Remember how I was working on the quilt, going so far as to guesstimate the number of stitches? I was so excited for Bill to open his gift, only to have him pull it out and wonder what it was! Good thing I have a thick skin! Explaining how I anticipated him snuggling on his couch with it, he then asked if I made it. Why yes son, I did.
Calling him this afternoon, following my shopping spree at William's Sonoma courtesy of the gift card he gave me, he told me, in fact, he did just as I'd hoped during last evening's chilly weather.

The living room was packed with presents and people. Oh yeah--and food. Bruce's sister somehow remembered how much he loves a summer sausage from Hickory Farms at Christmas time, sending a gift pack on Christmas eve. Bruce prepared a plate of goodies:
Opening gifts seemed to go on forever!
My stylish daughter-in-law insisted I open both gifts, even though one is for my upcoming birthday!
There's just something about a Tiffany box isn't there? An adorable mug in what else? Tiffany blue. The dress in the LP box is a gorgeous shade of coral. Happy days!

Folks who live up North can hardly imagine we spent some of our time outdoors while at Lisa's house, but we did. Michelle and Fallon looking pretty.
It's usually a challenge to get David to allow me to take his photograph, but after some minor pleading, he consented.
Jonathan and Bill were easily convinced:
So, there you go--you've now seen all four sons within two days of posts. Who knows how long until this happens again. I'm so mad at myself for not taking their photograph together!! What, pray tell, was I thinking?  Obviously, I wasn't.

Lisa and Danny both love the outdoors; creating inviting outdoor spaces is something they work very hard on. I forgot to ask Lisa where she got this cute birdbath, but I know she loves her turtles. Then, there is the bird feeder and house...
Too cute! The steps in the middle of the photograph lead gently down to the pond behind their home. Our nephew Rich, who is quite the doting Dad, holds his first born Spencer:
Spencer is the cutest little boy I've seen in ages. And good. I never once got that lucky---all of my boys were quite the handful! Spencer knew just what to do with the puzzle we gave him:
That darling look of concentration just kills me.

Another Christmas has come and gone--where does the time go?
Let's see--only 6 months until I start the shopping and quilt making again. Dave and Michelle have been informed they are next!

Mostly it's been quiet around here today--Bruce went to check on his Lake City jobs, while Jonathan and Alissa's friend Mike came by earlier to collect them--shopping and tonight's bowl game at the Citrus Bowl are in their plans. Me, I'm getting the cold.
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