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A Tale of Lost and Found

Or perhaps, better said as, left and recovered.

First thing is this: I'm having a heck of a time with my keyboard, so I'm going to do the best I can with the post before it goes haywire once again. The good news is, I still have some months left on my Apple Care, and if all goes according to plan, I should have a new one later today. Or, so I hope.

Friday evening a friend of mine was doing a live art demonstration, as well as a showing, at a gallery at Pointe Orlando, a big place on International Drive, otherwise known as the tourist strip of Orlando. Because we had a gift card to Capital Grille, located in the same general area, I thought it would be a great evening out. And it was. Renee looked super, the gallery swank, and the weather ideal.
For our evening out I decided to dress up a bit, wearing a purple dress Bruce likes, high heels (gasp!), and instead of my usual handbag, I carried a small clutch. Bruce, on the other hand, was all set to wear jeans, in fact, he had them on, when I requested he wear nice clothes as well. This middle-aged couple looked pretty darn nice.
So far, so good. Seated in one of the private dining rooms, we enjoyed our luxurious meal with a lovely bottle of Sequoia Grove, a winery we visited all those years ago in Napa Valley. I mentioned the purse earlier because, no matter how small my Olympus is, there is no room for it in a clutch. I took it because I wanted a few photos of Renee, so once that was done, I set it on the floor adjacent to my chair which was against a wall. And that is where it remained once we left the restaurant....

Of course I did not realize that until Saturday morning while preparing my bag for the market. Trying not to panic, I searched the house, and then it sunk in. Immediately, following my departure for Winter Garden, Bruce drove out there only to discover they do not open for lunch on Saturday. To make a long story short, eventually, we found out that, indeed, it was turned in and was waiting for me in the safe. Whew! I would say that I'll never do that again, however, never is a pretty big word. I HOPE I never do that again!

We certainly have had all kinds of weather this month. Rain out, freezing temperatures, and this Saturday I got a sunburn! In another location this week, I was out in the bright sunshine all day. Not without a benefit however, as sales were pretty darn good. Plus, the Goldsmiths picked up their Stik figure canvases and were as pleased as punch.
Joseph Martens is performing for the crowd, which got larger as the day progressed. Don't those bright green trees look awesome??

For Christmas Jonathan got us season one of Mad Men which we finished watching Saturday night--what a show! I'll be looking for the rest of the seasons at the library. Next I think we'll dive into Downton Abbey and see what all the fuss is about.

Sunday was beautiful. I met some new folks, I talked to some folks I know. This little girl was playing a little hide and seek in my booth before I turned my camera on to her:
She asked if she could try my camera, so making sure it fit securely in her hands, I posed and this is what she got:
Almost made it! Despite our weather challenges, March has gotten off to a great start. Between both markets I believe I sold 46 items---lucky gal that I am.

I have a scad of prints with some sort of heart theme, mostly because it's worked out that way. This swan nearly fits the bill in that regard, although my dear readers are the only ones who will ever see it.
Neat isn't it?

The other morning during my bike ride I came across a lovely shade of Gerbera daisy growing in someone's garden:
Which reminds me, my solo gerbera plant is fixing to bloom again, very surprising indeed because it was in the ground for nearly a year before it did so, and that was around Christmas. Happy days.

I made it! The keyboard worked perfectly, until it won't once again.

Breakfast time for this blogger....

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