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If Only Today Were Yesterday

 Do you ever feel that way? Wouldn't you know it--today the sky is baby blue, the wind is nil, and the temperature as I type is 70 degrees. Drop the temp about 15 degrees, add 15 mph wind gusts, and intermittent clouds, and you can imagine why fully half of the vendors decided they would rather stay at home.
Yikes! All morning long I huddled by my heater with layers of clothing. Poor Bruce, the wind whipping off the lake presented quite the challenge when he put my sides up--they were hard to control. Plus it was 39 degrees! Isn't he just the greatest? Why, yes he is. :)

At 1:20 I sent Bruce a message--$10. Coincidentally, last Sunday the monsoon came around that time stopping any further sales for the day. But, guess what? In the next two hours I sold 15 things, including three small canvases! Obviously we are glad we went. People weren't the only ones huddled up; on a walk back from the park bathroom I saw more birds gathered in one place than I can remember.
 The ibises seemed to be flying around just to stay warm. Obviously, I slept well last night!

This morning was still quite chilly, however, around lunch time it finally warmed up enough to get outside. It's been quite some time since I took advantage of the free Monday at Leu Gardens, and Lord knows, I don't need any more photographs, but...........I went anyway, after dropping off my order at Roger's house, and am I ever glad I did. Had I not, I would never have met Anna and Eric who were on one of the paths peering up into a tree. And what were they peering at you ask? An owl---my first ever sighting out in the wild!!!
I'm not sure if I, or perhaps Eric took this, because at one point, I handed him my camera since he is taller. I had a heck of a time getting a good shot, partly because he was in so much shade! Eventually, after taking a gazillion shots on different settings, I took my leave while they continued watching. Apparently they must have told yet another woman about their find.
The giant magnolia tree was quite near the rose garden which is pruned way back, however, there are quite a large number of those ever-blooming roses in a lovely shade of pink.
Pink was the color of the day, or so it seems. Hollyhocks in pink:
And then too, a butterfly on pink lantana,
Aside from the above butterfly, I saw only one Monarch who aptly enough hung around the sign, perhaps to warm up in the abundant sunshine:
So, maybe, after all, I am glad that my day off was a lovely one. I'm going to take Baxter for a little walk before the sun gets too low; Bruce worked over the weekend on the weeds down at the lake lot. I think we'll go take a look-see.

Finally, here's a fun little trivia for you: The History of the Lava Lamp.

Now you know....

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