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It's Not Everyday I See a Kangaroo Out for Lunch!

Bet that title caught your attention!

Over the years I've seen more than my fair share of oddities during the market day at Lake Eola, however, when Kathy came back from a bathroom run telling me she saw some folks eating lunch with a kangaroo, I had to see it for myself. Sure enough, sitting outside of Spice, a family of about six were having lunch with their pet kangaroo under the table. More specifically, with the man of the group who was hand feeding said kangaroo.
When I got there another gentleman was photographing the kangaroo with his iPad which looks so crazy to me. Anyway, when I asked the man how long they'd had a kangaroo for a pet, he replied matter of factly, two years.
Because he seemed a bit put out, I did not get the name. As to him being put out, what did he expect? It is only natural that most folks are going to be pretty much stopped in their tracks when they see someone casually dining with a kangaroo!!! I'd say this is taking the new "pet" friendly rules to an entirely new level. Talking to a young woman later she told me she'd seen the man carrying the kangaroo in his arms wrapped in a blanket. Furthermore, although she'd only moved downtown a week ago, she determined very quickly it's like a zoo down there. Yup.

Heather, from the Historic Preservation Board, sent me this photo on Friday.
Our mayor, Buddy Dyer is in the gold tie. That dress, practically the only color in a sea of dark. I should have removed my sweater....

Friday, late morning, just as Bruce returned from Houston, the window guy came, and we've done the deal. Double-hung, double paned, energy efficient windows from Simonton will be gracing our home in the next eight weeks. Did I already tell you the business about lead based paint? If I did forgive me, if not, read on. When replacing windows in a home built before 1970, the installers must test for lead based paint before the installation. If found, special installation methods must be used, and with that comes a price to the tune of $127 from Pella, while Father and Sons charges $50 per opening. Thank goodness when Dave returned on Saturday, while I was in Winter Garden, he tested the mandatory four windows and we passed. Obviously when there are 11 openings, this is very good news. The wait begins.

I hemmed and hawed about going to Winter Garden because of the threat of rain. Turns out I should have listened to my hemming because it did rain, and it was no fun. No complaints when someone gives you a tent like I received from my friends Jim and Ken, however, over time, a hole opened up in the top. As well, one of the ribs which helps the tent keep its' shape collapsed. The bottom line is the tent is now in the dumpster in Winter Garden. Rain poured down onto my prints, which thankfully are fine, but they had a drying out time once I got home.
Friday was icky weather as well. About a week after we returned from England I saw the sign for a new pub nearby with darts. I'm sure I mentioned the dart tournament we watched on the telly while in England, and I was a bit intrigued to come across a place near our home where such things happen. Friday evening we visited Rogue Pub, located in the old shopping center that once housed an A&P grocery store where my brother Pat was a bag boy. I'm talking forever ago, but its worth mentioning!
Not many folks yet as I mentioned we were here about 6 although it did get busier in the hour or so we were there. While chatting with our bartender, we discovered that she is the owner, and get this, went to school with Bill and Dave! Orlando remains a small town to me.

What have I been cooking lately? Well, a roast chicken in a skillet for starters:
Fantastic, I might add. A little recipe from my new favorite people, the folks at Cook's Illustrated. Then, of course, there are the sugar cookies,
that are so delicious if you are not careful you could eat this entire stack at one sitting! For now they are in the freezer to keep them fresh. If you haven't tried frozen cookies, you are really missing out.

After the window guy left, I went to our downtown library to both return books, and check out new ones. Taking the elevator to the third floor to look at cookbooks I made a detour into the used book store, and am I glad I did. For $1.50 I picked up one of the most enjoyable, not to mention highly interesting books I've read in a while--"52 Loaves" is the name. I've included a link to an interview with the author on NPR. If you like good food writing, and love bread, and who doesn't?, read it!

Finally, as I want to be done so I can read or cook, do you see what I see? (as seen this morning)
I told you they are everywhere!
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