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Making Magic

I consider myself a very lucky woman to be surrounded by folks more talented than me. Every now and again I may have a pretty good idea, it's the implementation of ideas where I fall woefully short. Thankfully, that's where good friends and family step in. Yesterday morning it was Sue and Kathy who worked their magic decorating my home in ways I could have never imagined. Aside from the few pieces they brought with them, they pretty much used what I already either had around the house or purchased thinking it could work somewhere if only I knew how. Well, they did. Kathy making magic on the buffet.
Because I want it all to be a surprise for Jon and Alissa, that's all I'm showing for now, but trust me on this, they are an amazing team!

For those who haven't seen my fb page, here's a close up of one of the Santas I bought at the Russell Home Thrift store after buying my tree outside. Generally I don't buy many new Christmas decorations, but these little guys were impossible to resist. The price was right as well, maybe 50 cents each?
Because my Mom and Bruce's dad were born in 1925, it was a given---I had to have them.

Well, houses are popping up for sale in our neighborhood somewhat like mushrooms. Four, yes that's correct, four houses within eyesight, including the latest, our next door neighbor, Elie and his wife. Know anyone looking to live next door to the Pecks?
The front yard oak tree is a work of art. The landscaping, not so much!

It isn't often that I head North of the city, but after commiserating with Trish on the paint color, I took some back roads to Lisa's house in Longwood, followed by a stop at our niece Katie's house, formerly her parents, to drop off gifts. The idea is to be done with everything before Jon and Alissa arrive on Sunday night. Will that happen? Probably not! Lisa and Danny have done an amazing transformation of their bedroom--oh my! Lovely, and very sophisticated. They are both worn out, and happy.

I got a little lost taking back roads, but eventually I made it, taking what I think is Lake Road. By now the sun was beginning it's descent, making for beautiful reflections on this lake-- the name I can't tell you. Somewhere in Altamonte Springs...
On my way home, driving down 17-92, I was puzzled when I saw this old bar, minus the VW bug, which sat atop the roof for as long as I can remember.
Now I know.  Although I'd never been in there, some people obviously have since it was in business for 67 years! Apparently a new development with a terrible name, Ravaudage will take it's place. So weird that I took this photo just the other night, and the story appears this morning in the Sentinel.

As well, I shot this photo out the car window--naturally while waiting on a stop light.
Really? $59? It seems to me that while the price of weddings keeps skyrocketing, the price of divorce does just the opposite.

While waiting on my angels yesterday morning, I got out my macro lens for a little practice around the house. I'm pretty sure this ornament was a gift from Matt, although I can't be sure.
I bought this darling petunia basket at the WG market a few weeks ago:
Matches the candy canes on our tree!

Normally I display the Christmas cards on the buffet, however, because it will be put to party use, I thought about some sort of wall display. Remember the first paragraph about ideas? How to make it happen was the question. Much to my delight, Julie Allen, one of Matt's childhood friends, put a photo on facebook, then patiently described to me how she did it. I couldn't be happier, and now think this is how I'll do it every year!
Wrapping the ribbon all the way around the door on the left side, Bruce pointed out that I could probably just staple it to the back of the door which is what I did on the right. Julie used paper clips to attach hers, however, using my stapler worked just fine. Super cute, right? Hurray for clever people!

Calling from Miami, Bruce tells me there are big changes afoot at Darden. At this point we have no idea what it means to our family, but I'll let you know when I do.

Believe it or not, I've still got a little business to manage, so in the interest of Out & About Photography, perhaps I should quit writing and get to signing the stack of prints on my work table? Make that a yes I should if I want to sell any last minute Christmas gifts this weekend!
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