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Combing Mayonnaise Through My Hair

By now you may have noticed that I have been skipping the Winter Garden market, or maybe you haven't? Either way, I have and it's been really nice seeing what people do on the weekends. It's not so much that I don't like the market, I think it's the greatest if you are a shopper, a seller, not so much. It's just that after carefully considering all factors, including the gas for the 48 mile round trip, the time to set up and take down, not to mention the time spent driving, I've decided it is not worth the effort. As they have a big waiting list for vendors, they'll have no problem filling my spot!

So then, what did we do on Saturday? Why, help Bill. It has been eight years since we filled this same role as helpers while Bill re-does a place, and both Bruce and I can feel those years in our bodies. Good grief! I was so tired last evening that after folding clothes, fixing some dinner, and of course, combing mayonnaise through my hair, I was fast asleep by 8:30! Bruce toughed it out until around 9:00.

Why was I so tired. Can't say as I'm no stranger to painting, however, he wanted the ceilings done so I not only cut in the wall but the ceiling as well. Wimping out on painting the whole ceiling, Bruce did it after completing his major project.
See that ladder in the closet--yup, the closet was painted as well, including the ceiling which I did with a brush. The walls are all a kind of super plaster so filled with ridges. You can imagine how much I did not want to paint a taupe color on the wall! While we were doing all the party planning Sue brought over her collection of bandannas which we used all over the place. Except, there were two orange ones which when it was all over, she insisted I keep. Well, I should have found them because, despite me putting my hair in a bun, I managed to get paint on the top of my head like you wouldn't believe. That darn ceiling!! Herbert, Bill's expert helper, knows a lot about building, and it was he who suggested I put mayonnaise in my hair when we got home. Okay, I can do that because it beats the alternative. I mean I had a whole crown of paint! I spent about thirty minutes combing, and combing, to get out the paint, followed by a thorough washing. My goodness, my hair is shinier than it's ever been! I must admit, it smelled pretty icky, however, it seems to have done the trick. The next time you get a scad of paint in your hair, you'll know just what to do. That said, the bandanna idea has it's advantages.

I mentioned the plaster earlier because although it is super strong, it is also somewhat delicate. Bruce's mission was to remove the baseboards which was no easy task without damaging the plaster. He used a crow bar and a block of wood and that's about all I know as I was in the closet painting. Afterwards he scraped the area down while Bill picked up and swept behind him.
That's Herbert on the patio having a sandwich from WaWa Bill went and got for all of us. Only my second one from there and both were very tasty.

If you've wondered what the floor of a shower looks like before tile, here's your chance to see it.
Herbert is doing all the bathroom work because he knows how. So does Bruce but he charges more! Just kidding. Anyway that turquoise stuff is some kind of water proofing. What they did was gut the previous bathroom along with incorporating a hallway closet into the new one to make a roomier shower. Needless to say it all takes time. Later in the day he got patched all the drywall and put it on the shower entry.
Every time we are there we think of something new. Last week or so, while considering the kitchen dillema, I thought perhaps since the kitchen is gutted, maybe they can flip the whole kitchen around, cutting a large opening in this wall facing the big window and living area.
You can see the wonderful light that comes in and that will improve the mood of whomever is in the kitchen. To the right of the picture is the entry to both the dining room, and the doorway to the kitchen.

Guess who took over painting the walls?
Meanwhile Bill was on the front porch chipping away at the last of the tile.
He's been working on this for nearly a week as you can stand so much at one time. Because the home was built in the late '50's, the building materials are all crazy solid. Removing the brown tile was supposed to be pretty painless but it has turned into anything but. Last Saturday he had a huge jack hammer going on it. So nice to be young!

Finally, after nearly a week,
we can see the bottom of the pool. This angle isn't great for showing that, but trust me, you can. One of the things that I most like about the new/old house is the light. It is good. Very good.

There is a ton of work left, and in fact, Bill will probably be moving in without the kitchen, but he's game. He loves this stuff. David, on the other hand, does not. He came by to see the progress, hear all the ideas, and surveying the rest. As he was leaving,  I asked him if he wanted to help, but he said, "trust me, you don't want me to help!" He's remembering his painting attempts which did not turn out as well as he'd hoped. He's got a point. :)

The sun is peeking through the clouds, the clock is ticking, meaning you know who had better get dressed and down to Lake Eola for what I hope will be a good day. Then again, you never know. At least my hair will be shiny!
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