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Reliving the Past and then Some

How old do you think this smiling couple is when this photo was taken?
Maybe sixteen? I can't be sure because there is no date printed on the back, however, I'm pretty sure that's how old we were! I remember being so proud of my homemade dress. :) Furthermore, if my memory serves me well, (who's to know, or care for that matter, if it doesn't?), we are seated on the couch at the Aubuchon's home. Who were they, you ask? Well, for a few years, my sister was married to Bill Aubuchon, with one child to show for their time together. Her name would be Elisabeth, our niece who lives in Atlanta. They were nice folks, and a few years later, after I graduated x-ray school, Mr. Aubuchon sang at our wedding, a song that I still love, "More." Looking up the lyrics just now, I had no recollection that Andy Williams sang it. Upon further research, who knew that the Supremes sang it as well! In any case, Mr. Aubuchon's wonderful voice, singing the beautiful lyrics, caused this young bride to cry at her own wedding. As to the event we were attending in the above photograph, I think it was Bruce's senior prom at Boone. How about those gloves???

About now you may be wondering how in the world this all came up. Well, here's the thing--the bottom drawer in one of my kitchen cabinets would not shut properly because Mrs. you know, had it stuffed beyond capacity. Friday, taking advantage of Bruce working from home, I had him remove the drawer, and I went through the entire contents; boy, oh boy, did I do some past re-living! Here's a good one:
A rare photo of me with a perm! Aren't we just the smiliest group? That would be my Mom, for those who have never seen her, and our Jon boy, as a little tyke. I'm going to guess I am about 35 in this shot, taken at a Cub Scout banquet when Mr. Bruce was a den leader for the twins' troop. (I have no idea how to do that apostrophe--grammarians help!) How about that red purse my Mom is carrying? It looks patent leather no less--she loved her handbags, long before it was fashionable to do so. :)

Anyone remember Prodigy?
This Wikipedia entry is very informative--you may be surprised to discover that email was developed primarily to aid in shopping, not for communication between regular folks. I do know that for our household it was the beginning of the World Wide Web. As I recall we purchased the "membership" at Costco? This was just before Matt went to FSU in early August, having just turned 17 in July. This mom was a wreck, however he was happy as a clam. That same drawer held his very first letter home from college, four pages long detailing his finances, and his excitement with both his classes, and new friends. To tell you the truth, he hasn't changed much except for one thing--back then he was very, very excited about football, and who could blame him? Those were exciting times for FSU football, what with the dynamic Charlie Ward as the quarterback, and winning a national championship. Those were the days....

Recipes, party menus, mementoes--that drawer was full of our past. Then, the present prevailed. Here's Mr. Bruce, later on that day, digging a hole to find a leak I noticed outside. Who knows how long this has been going on. Looking back at last month's utility bill, it looks as though the water cost should have tipped me off earlier.
Couple that with a leak around my kitchen faucet, which Bruce cannot fix, and the plumbing problems are mounting! I will say that when I went into the house for a tool, I saw something very exciting out of the corner of my eye as I passed the sunroom. By golly, my first painted bunting!
Sadly, the little bugger has not returned. This article includes a much closer photograph, one the likes of you'll never see in this space!

I received some wonderful birthday cards this year, almost all in lovely colored envelopes, which have been sitting on my desk now for nearly three weeks, waiting for an art project. I used a little bit of them for this:
We shall see what else I can come up with as I'm not recycling them just yet!

Alissa and Jon gave me two very awesome birthday gifts that I've yet to show. Peanut brittle to die for, and my very first Moleskine datebook.
Sadly, the peanut brittle is all gone, but the notebook will last the entire year. In the front there are all kinds of useful tables, and info, not to mention, the book, and paper feel fantastic. As well, just this afternoon I finished a terrific novel they gave me, "The Sisters Brothers."Although the reviewer  from  the New York Times  gave it a mixed review, this one is more typical of what I found online. I thought it was excellent.

Most days you won't find me reading in the afternoon, mostly because I like to stay busy, however, earlier today I had all the busy I could take for one day. Beginning at 7:30 this morning, Bruce and I helped Bill with all manner of things at his new house, seriously under renovation. By 2 in the afternoon, we were pooped! That said, we are so proud of him for taking on this project, and are more than happy to help when we can. I'll say this much, his pool is no longer green and some of his gutters are clear.
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