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Today Might Just Be the Day...

...that my fever finally breaks for good.

The week began promising, with lovely weather, and an early morning bike ride for me on Monday. Every now and again I seem to get a feeling, and that days hunch was one of those--perhaps I'll see the eagle, even though it has been months. Sure enough, pulling up to the house on the lake where I've spotted him, (or her?), I was rewarded. It's just too bad the pine tree is probably 100 feet or so tall! In any case, I waited to see what would happen. Before long, he took off.
Before leaving the house I noticed I was having a dry cough, something I attributed to sinus drainage or allergies. Not that that is common for me, but what else could it be?

I also saw a pretty cardinal on a pile of branches:
As well this is the time of the year when the African Irises are at their finest.
I did my five miles, coughing all the way.

I was to meet the ladies for bridge at 12, so after doing a few things around the house, I drove over to Winter Park. While we played, I kept coughing, apologizing several times. Finally I told them I needed to leave as I could not hold the coughs in.

Finally getting home around 4:30 in the afternoon, I told Bruce I was just not feeling well. About an hour later I wondered if something was wrong, so I dug out the thermometer and sure enough I had a low grade fever, nothing major, 99.6, just enough to make me feel not myself. I felt so bad that I went to bed at 7, sleeping for the next twelve hours!

And the truth is, I've been in bed pretty much all week, getting up again today for the morning hoping for the best. When I haven't been either sleeping, coughing, or blowing my nose, I've been reading, as in three books. Yep, that's right. I haven't done that in a long time for sure!

There was a television show that I never watched, only heard about, " American Horror Story", or something like that. I kept thinking that would have been an apt title for "The Grapes of Wrath." Rarely do I re-read books, however, I've been on a John Steinbeck kick of late, and that, of course, is the penultimate JS book. I pity poor English teachers trying to teach the novel these days as it is dense with both plot, characterization, imagery, and philosophy. I cannot picture kids paying that close of attention--I hope I am wrong. I'd finished "Of Mice and Men" the previous week, and I'll say this much, John Steinbeck knew how to stick an ending! Oh my!

I also read "The Reluctant Restaurateur," a book Ray and Jane purchased for me following the delicious luncheon we enjoyed at Langar Hall. Eventually,  when I'm up to it, I'll tell you more about that delightful experience.

Finally I finished "Nine Inches," by Tom Perrotta, a wickedly good book of short stories. He, of "Election" fame.

Throughout the week my fever has gone as high as 101.6 to a low of 99.6, pretty much just enough to know things are not right with your body. So, it seems as if my stomach now wants to get into the sick action--back to bed I go.

Maybe, if I'm lucky, tomorrow might just be the day...

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