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Dry Days

While it is not quite the Dust Bowl around here, it is dry. My word, where has the rain gone? It has been nine days since last we had rain, longer than I can remember, however, you and I know that's not saying a lot. Seriously, what are the television weather shouters doing without being able to hype afternoon rainstorms? I know what our market managers are doing--because it was "raining" in Lake Mary, about fifteen miles from downtown Orlando, they came around at 12:30 with the sun shining, to say we were to close the market down. Typically I'm fairly easy to get along with, but not so much then. I about flipped out is putting it mildly. To think that it took Bruce nearly 2/12 hours (with some help from me) to put the display up, and because there was rain FIFTEEN miles away, we were to take it all down after 2 1/2 hours of selling????? Of course, not a drop of rain fell....

Instead of being in my tent Sunday afternoon, we got on the "Game of Thrones" bandwagon. Shutting all the curtains and blinds, we watched episode after episode, marveling at it all. Seriously violent, so much so I turned away at points, it is just as addicting as everyone says. Jonathan gave Bruce season one for Christmas, so it's taken us a while to get to it, but now we are hooked. Unfortunately, unless the library has other seasons, we will be left hanging...

Saturday we took another trip to Renningers; before it was a recognizance mission, this time it was with the intent to sell silver dollars left to us from Bruce's parents. Because all four of our sons are in the midst of big things, we decided to split the proceeds amongst them. Needless to say, they were dumbfounded to learn that Christmas was arriving in June. Just kidding boys!
The dealer and his wife were very nice folks--you should have seen the wad of cash that man pulled from his pockets--never seen anything like it! While we were there we ran into the former Boone High School football coach and his wife, personal friends from way back. Bruce joked with him about being his bodyguard while we were there. :)

Instead of just heading home, we decided to drive into the town of Mount Dora because we were already there, and because it is cute. Loved these mailboxes, which I suspect are way too empty these days.
Before arriving in the little downtown area, I saw this train, stopping along a curb while Bruce was chatting with his friend Michael who recently took a job Bruce recommended him for.
This would be the "Orange Blossom Cannonball."

As you can imagine Bruce is still adjusting to not having a schedule. Yesterday morning, in spite of staying up late the night before watching GoT, I woke early, as did Bruce, and I suggested we head to the beach. Bruce is not much of a beach person for various reasons, however, he agreed to it, and off we went, hitting the road before 7:30. One thing you have probably already guessed about me is that when on the road, I will pull over for lots of things. Which is what I did along Judge Road, not far from the house, when I thought I was seeing horses.
This is but one of what I'm pretty sure were not horses, but either mules, or donkeys instead. Do you know the difference? Bruce, using his phone, did a little sleuthing, and now we know.

Cocoa is the closest beach to us, so that's where we went. Arriving by 8:30, after a stop at Starbucks for Mr. Bruce, the beach was pretty empty of folks. The sky was dull and cloudy.
I thought the water at 80 degrees was a little chilly, finally getting in just before leaving, however my constant companion did not. In fact, I think he really enjoyed himself which bodes well for more beach trips in our future.
One of the best parts of beach-going is watching the activity surrounding you, and in this case, the beach coming to life as the morning wore on. This Grandma was being such a good sport!
Or I suppose she was the Grandmother--these days, one never knows. We watched what appeared to be an old man heading out with his surfboard. We are old, he looked older!
This little game began a little too close for comfort beside me before moving onto the harder sand.
Then, just as the sky began clearing, it was time to go home, but not before a stop at a park alongside the Banana River.
Presuming there would be a place to launch the kayak, we presumed wrong. Weird park, with fencing along the river, making it a NOT recommended stop if you are over that way.

Following lunch and a swim in our pool, I did some errands, and as I was returning from Publix with groceries, the sky looked pretty menacing, with cracks of lightening and thunder in the distance. Alas, we got a few drops, but at this point we need more. The sun is already hot and bright this morning leaving me wondering how much longer this dry spell will continue. I guess I'll find out soon enough.
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