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Look who is snuggled up with his blanket during our cold snap!
This last week has been chilly most days, and the windows have been semi-opened, much to the chagrin of my husband, and dog. So why, pray tell are the windows not shut? Truth be told, I was so sick of being hot I decided to enjoy what little cold weather we have!! Bruce, on the other hand, wants to dress like it is summer, thus he thinks I'm crazy. He may have a point.

You might be wondering how Bruce stays busy each and every day--what exactly is he doing? Well, here he is at his desk, actually dressed for winter for a change...
One of the things he is doing is marking up the plans for the security system, and other stuff I've forgotten.
He spends an awful lot of time on the telephone, talking to the contractor, the office, and various sub contractors, working out all of the details, or as much as he's able, before the job actually starts. Construction, or so we think, will begin in mid-January; all dependent on the building permit.

I have a retraction to make from a previous post! When I drove up following the market on Sunday, my little honey had put up some lights!
Not a whole lot, but enough to make me happy!

This morning, while trying to find a spot for the photo album which contained those old photos of me, I found a notebook in a basket on the shelf in the guest room. Aw shucks--it was my sales and other stuff from....
yep--my first time at the market on 3-18-2007. Apparently I dreamed up my company name on the 7th, or so it would appear. The notebook was filled with not only my market days, but Valencia classes because it was my final two semesters there. Hard to believe it has been seven years since I graduated--time flies when you are having fun.

My girly bike has been getting quite the workout this week in spite of the chilly weather. You may, or may not, have noticed one of the accessories:
and, although I thought the new seat would be more comfortable,
sadly, it is not. Bruce has done some adjusting to the seat which helped some--I am trying to get used to it because I would hate to have to replace it with something not nearly as cute.

So, we have some folks living around the corner who have a big property on Lake Jennie Jewell that they have filled with all manner of statuary. Somewhat like my photography baskets, there seems to be no theme whatsoever. The latest is absolutely the kookiest thing yet.
A week or two ago, this appeared in the yard. The mannequins are sporting t-shirts that say, "Reinstate Dr. Coble. Being he has an inquiring mind, Bruce did a little Google search, finding out that it is a dentist in Tennessee who had a patient die during a procedure. What it has to do with the folks living in this house is not something we are privy to as they are not the sociable kind. Anyway, never one to leave something alone when more can be done, the display now looks like this:
Please note the pirate with spy glass, as well as cannon, lion, and pointing finger surrounding the nearby oak tree. What will they think of next?

Finally, the squirrels have been at it again. Not content to just chew on the kayak, they apparently did a number on the cable line to our home. While Matt and Tom were visiting, Matt complained about the general slowness, and unreliability of our internet service, something we've been putting up with for ages. Every time I called Bright House, which was a considerable number of times, they did something over the phone. This time, however, the fellow came out, and changed everything, including a new modem, the pole connector, and the wire, which the squirrels had been feasting on. To say the changes have been remarkable is putting it mildly.

Today is my youngest sister Lisa's 55th birthday, marking the one week until Christmas mark. My poor parents--two children with birthdays in December, one a week before and one a week after. Must have been quite the challenge for them. Anyway--who can believe it is only ONE WEEK AWAY??

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