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February is Flying By

Do you agree?

I suppose the folks in Boston would be the first to disagree as this winter certainly must be testing even the heartiest New Englander. So far it seems as if we will go another winter without a freeze, although technically there is still time left for that foolishness. What we have had is more rain than usual, another inch fell yesterday, beginning in the afternoon, and continuing into the night. I laid in bed finishing All The Light We Cannot See listening to a small rain outside our window. All I'll say about that is there is a reason I waited a month for the library to deliver it!

Yesterday afternoon while drying off after a shower I heard the sound of many birds calling. I love it when the windows are open; the new ones are so airtight during the summer I feel such a disconnect with nature. Anyway, earlier the crows were feeding like mad out front, so I thought it was them, however, much to my surprise it was the ROBINS! I wish this were better, but it is not.
As you may be able to tell it was drizzling--I actually threw on my robe and went outside quickly with my camera to get this shot! In the middle of the afternoon no less! Because they were everywhere, I did go inside to get dressed, returning to the rain with an umbrella this time. I followed them down the street to the house in the middle of the cul-de-sac where they were feeding in the yard.
Perhaps they will return today?

It was a bird kind of day because earlier, during my bike ride, I once again saw my eagle who seems to be getting bigger, or maybe it is another one?
By now we are kind of used to this sort of thing, however, I lived most of my life never once seeing an eagle in the wild. So, I'm still excited every time I come across this scene. While waiting patiently, well, as patiently as I'm able, I turned around to see a mockingbird chilling on a hedge.
I once heard someone say that when you hear a bird call in Florida, chances are it is a mockingbird!

I have some good news for you.....Ken is miraculously better! In an act of God, or fate, however, you choose to interpret it, when the stroke occurred they were having company, one of whom knew what to do for a stroke victim! Stabilizing him, he called the ambulance, and in the nick of time he was given that new miracle drug that reverses the effects of a stroke if given soon enough. Soon enough indeed, he was at the market Sunday!!!
Looking as cute as can be! I needn't tell you how their recent marriage made all the difference as far as his hospitalization went.

The market was super busy again, with gorgeous weather bringing folks out in droves. Generally I don't post the market photos, however, this one showcasing two of my favorites is kind of pretty.
Oh how I love radishes! Recently I saw a recipe for roasting them, which I've yet to try, but everyone knows how delicious roasted cauliflower is. The darker the better in my opinion.

Oh what the heck, here's another one from Lake Eola, not technically at the market, but at the park anyway. Can you even imagine feeding this dog?
Those of you who have been with me for the ride, know that when I began the market, there were about 15 vendors, certainly in the summer for sure. Unbelievably, on Sunday, there were 102!!!
They just keep spreading! And the city wants it to keep growing! Bruce had just left the market when Dana called him asking if he would return--she had an emergency. Well, although he had planned to go home and work on some frames, he can never say no to Dana. Long story short, he spent about an hour and a half making the rounds with the city electrician finding ways to improve the power for all of those vendors. Eventually he showed Dana how to make a conference call, so he could be home when the sofa was delivered. (!!!) Conference call ensued with Bruce, the head of the Downtown Development Board, and Dana. Problems solved!

He did find time to get them primed, then Monday he did the painting at his new station on the side of the house.
Amazingly enough I sold three more on Sunday leaving me with only four framed canvases which people are just loving. You can imagine how I love telling people what a wonderful husband I have. :) You can also imagine what I say when people try to talk me down on the price--go to Ikea if you want cheap.

Here's a little look at our winter flower garden which looks worse than this in person!
Weed city! While I'm writing this, Bruce is out mowing the lawn, using the bagger to pick up the copious amount of oak leaves, fallen from our trees, and our across the street neighbor's seven big oaks. One thing about working for a company based on the West coast is the time change--people in the office are still sleeping.

While on the subject of landscapes, I have two very different photos showcasing pink. Here's something I've never seen before...
and here is something I have seen before but it never grows old.
Heavens to Betsy--those trees are beautiful!

In some family news:

  • Sister Nancy will be moving to Bristol, TN next week for her store manager job at the new Marshalls.
  • Sister Maureen is having Herbert work his magic in her bathroom. As I type he is over there installing a new toilet, vanity, and light fixture--honestly, he is the absolute best.
  • We had a nice pizza over at Bill and Fallon's on Saturday while we over there for Bruce to draw a layout for his bedroom closets. A year later and the closets will soon be getting the Herbert/Bruce treatment.
  • Son Matthew spent last week  in Seoul, Korea and Tokyo, Japan on a business trip. I've lost count of the cities he's been to but it is a bunch. Never in our wildest dreams...
Finally, and I know you thought I'd never get here, Saturday night we went to the movies (gasp!), with Cheryle and David, as well as some airbnb guests from Maine. What did we see? The Imitation Game. What a film! See it soon if you haven't--you will not regret the decision.

I said finally, however, I've one more thing to share before I forget! More new friends, Bill and Roxanne, live nearby. During a party at you know who's house, he and Bruce were discussing how time flies (see title). Bill likened life to a toilet paper roll. When you first put it on it seems like there is too much, however, the closer you get to the end of the roll, there's not much left. Actually that is a poor telling of the analogy--maybe you can figure out how I could have written it better!
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