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I Can Hear Clearly Now

They may be a slight exaggeration, but I know any day now I will.

For the last few weeks I've had quite the time with mucous. I know that sounds gross, but I'm only being honest with you. Night after night, the stand beside my bed would have a pile of tissues on it by morning. Well, as it turns out, this nuisance led to otitis media with effusion, which led to me not being able to hear out of my left ear, which has proven to be a bother for more reasons than one. I was lucky indeed to get in to see Dr. Parillo on Wednesday afternoon, during which time he diagnosed my problem, and put me on a steroid pack along with a nasal spray. It is simply remarkable what medicine can do for a person. Although my hearing is still not back, the mucous problem is abating, and eventually I will once again be able to hear. Or, that is how it is supposed to work! Tincture of time, as my old friend Dr. March would say. Tincture of time.

Michele, my sister-in-law in Minnesota remarked that my last post covered a lot of ground. Where has she been? Don't they all?

Let's begin with the sky, shall we? Because B went to Tyson's Corner yesterday, I went out to get the newspaper this morning, something he likes to do. It was sweet with the little half moon between the bare-ish (not a word, but let's use it anyway!) trees, and dawn just lighting the sky. As well, the streetlight.
A light trifecta!! Yesterday, it just so happens that I took a photo of the end of that day while I was meeting up with the gang at Hillstones to celebrate Catherine's birthday. Lovely, as well.
The plan was to meet for drinks lakeside on the beautiful grounds, however, most of us are weather wimps, and thought it was too cold! Probably 60 degrees at sunset. We are due for some even colder weather this weekend, however, the skies will continue their sunny ways and you know how that makes everything better. Or, at least I think so.

I nearly freaked while coming home last night. Pulling up to the stop light at Ferncreek and Michigan, glancing to my left, what should I see, but Road Warrior parked in front of Johnny's Fillin Station! Some of you know, while others do not, but this VW van, which to date I had seen once two years ago, has made me a fair amount of money. Relatively speaking, mind you. Anyway, the day I saw it backing into Lake Conway was a good one for me. I have always wondered why, in this small part of town, I'd never seen it again. Not the best photo taken out the car window, but it'll do.
Now I have. :)

Are you wondering how the other sofa looks? Wonder no more!! As a review, here's the before:
Ta Da!!
The fabric swatches on the couch are me wondering about throw pillows. I've made one using the brown pillow pictured above, covered with the middle fabric. In a first for me, I learned how to put the button in the middle. Could I possibly be happier with the outcome of the sofas? No, an emphatic no!

Bruce did some frame painting the other day, completing five of them.
We tried, or I should say, he tried, a new color mix on the flower pot one, taken at Sue's house, if you're wondering. Bruce cringes any time I change one out at the market because he is very particular, which I know comes as no surprise to some of you, on how the canvases go in the frame.
The bench brush on the far left belonged to my father. And yes, there is a red coat of paint, followed by, I believe it is called Sea Glass. What do you think?

In more painting news, we saw this on Saturday coming home from Bill's house.
I wonder if he's coming back to finish the job?

Let's move on to food. Remember me talking about roasted cauliflower and how I like it dark? I was not kidding.
Yummy! So, that is quite the easy dish to make. I learned the hard way about another food I'm fixing to show you--not quite so easy. While picking up orange juice I noticed both the sign and contraption.
Inside the store I duly noted the pecans bagged in either one pound, or five. I chose the one. Although the sign said they would only crack the bigger bags, he offered to do mine. Well, cracking and shelling are two entirely different things as I was to learn. Here's how they look when they come out.
Although delicious, getting them out of those shells is not the easiest, making me think , going forward, I may just be sticking to the bagged ones at Costco. It did, on the other hand, remind both of us of our childhood when shelled nuts were quite the luxury. I am wondering what sort of machine does that?

Had enough of me for the day?

You might think by now I would run out of things to write about wouldn't you? Not yet my friends, not yet!
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