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First off, I don't know what to make of this on two fronts...
Being on is really something, courtesy of my art publisher, Sun Dance,  and secondly, how weird is it that it appeared on my phone? I guess we all have a love/hate relationship with technology; so good for learning stuff and keeping in touch, so creepy that "they" can predict your habits. How do you feel about it?

Last evening, before supper at seven, I asked Bruce if he wanted to head down to the lake for a few casts to which he replied--good idea. He'd been working non-stop for hours and hours and it was time to call it quits. Following our meal, we took our little doggie, a chair, a camera (of course!), and the fishing gear. Thinking I might get a good sunset, I thought wrong.
It was nice, but not what I was expecting. Some dogs love the water, ours, not so much. I was shocked when he put his paw in the water!
Perhaps you notice that he has been recently groomed? As in Saturday, so he's looking quite good, and I imagine, feeling much cooler without all that hair! As is her custom, Tanya put a little kerchief on him which he promptly shook off. Not so fast buddy! A holiday party is coming...
So, Mr. Baxter put that paw in the water because he was trying to get Bruce's attention after he shrugged off his sandals and stood on the sandy bottom of the shoreline. The only color in the sky was to the East.
Or, at least I think it is the East!! Anyway, not much, whatever direction it is.

After about an hour, with darkness looming, we made our way back home in surprisingly pleasant conditions. Just enough breeze to keep both the mosquitos away, and the humidity down.

This morning Bruce took off for DC, leaving around 6AM. I woke up while he was cleaning up, allowing me to give him my love and best wishes for the next two days. Looking out the glass front door, I noticed a seriously red sky during the sunrise. Hopping in my car, camera in tow, I drove a few blocks to a clear spot facing East. My what a show over Lake Pineloch! David and Michelle live on the left side of this picture in case you are curious.
As you know, I'm sort of a proponent of the red sky at night, sailors delight saying, however, the last two days it has let me down. Yesterday morning was as red as can be, and not a drop of rain fell! Speaking of rain, have you been watching the news about the flooding in Texas? My goodness me. Jonathan and Alissa are mighty glad they are in San Fransisco for a friend's wedding instead of the misery they would be facing in Austin.

Before I forget, I finished the Nancy Drew book, and it was a good one. What girl wouldn't have loved reading about her capers? I marked a passage from the book to share from page 191:

The waiting officers did not disturb the conversation, for Nancy seemed to be leading up to something important. They were astounded at her cleverness.

Don't you just love it? George and Bess were pretty clever themselves.

In nature news:
  • After enduring the long winter in Arkansas and Tennessee, Nancy spent a lot of her time outdoors soaking up the heat and observing the garden. It was quite a tree watching the Spicy Jatropha tree living up to it's reputation as a butterfly magnet.
  • Out front, a dragonfly was hanging around, unlike any I can remember seeing.
  • The air plant is putting on quite the show right now.
Super cool, right?
  • And now for your daily owl photograph...
Baby was so close yesterday. Nancy may have come away with the impression that her sister has gone plum crazy as I generally talk to them during visiting hours! Doesn't he look so cute in spite of those crazy long talons?

Two or so weeks ago I mentioned that the kids at RT-Art were the best, and I even took photographs of them to share, but other stuff took precedence. No longer...may I introduce Stefani?
and Kevin...
These two work their sizing magic on my prints, however, without Trish, making sense of all my emailed orders, nothing would be accomplished. Believe me, those emails can be confusing!
On the same day that I took the above, I finally spent my Christmas gift card from Dave and Michelle at the Lily Pulitzer store on Park Avenue. Choices, choices, choices...
That sure is a colorful store, and coming from the likes of me, you know it must be so!! I chose the navy dress closest to the door. 

Finally, we had the pleasure of some visitors from North Carolina last week, Karen and Jim Howard who are pictured looking at my wall calendar of photos from England.
Karen's Mom was a war bride from England following WWII. She's a genealogy nut who once tried to get me started on the Price family genealogy, however, I got mostly nowhere. Picking up the mantle and with Jane's help, Tom's Mom, Matt filled in most of the blanks on both my Mother and Father's side of the family.  My dad's family is from Wales, mostly places with names no Florida girl could hope to pronounce.

And there you go, I believe we are all caught up for now.

Stay tuned for more of the exciting, as well as the mundane,


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