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Summer in Earnest

First off, thanks to those who sent along biscuit tips. This morning I tried one of them that Lisa passed along, which was one that suggested cooking the biscuits in a cast iron skillet at a higher temp than I used previously. These were the frozen ones, so I've yet to try a different recipe. They still weren't huge, but mighty tasty nonetheless.

I've been mentioning the relentless heat of the past week, and yesterday we apparently hit a record high of 100 degrees. Although some folks think Florida is super hot in the summer, and it really is, the truth is, we generally have thunderstorms around 5 in the afternoon that drops our temperature by about 20 degrees. Boy did that happen yesterday. The rainfall was not the deluge of last week, but let me tell you, the thunder and lightening were out of this world! As is often the case following such a storm, a rainbow occurs around sunset. Spotting the rainbow once again from my office window, I grabbed the camera--ta da!
Of course with that, a spectacular sunset is sure to follow. Last night was no different. If only I'd gotten a shot of the lightening the flashed across the sky. To date, lightening is not a part of my photo library.
While I was standing there shooting this, one car stopped in the roadway, taking a picture from the car, and an additional car pulled over on the grass to do the same. It was that breathtaking. :)

So, enough about the weather. Let's turn our attention to okra, as in some beautiful home grown okra from the Hill's, of Hill's Happy Hour fame, garden.
Because I had my heart set on fried green tomatoes for dinner, I decided frying the okra would just be overkill. Instead I grilled it after a little coating in oil and cajun seasoning. Get the grill, or grill pan, super hot before attempting.
I used the skewers for easier turning, but the truth is, without would be just fine as they tended to twirl on the skewer. Before turning the pan off, I threw a bunch of fresh pineapple chunks on there, and if you've never had grilled pineapple before, I suggest you do so, sooner rather than later. Talk about delicious! The okra was super good as well.

During my owl odyssey, I've chatted with all sorts of folks who are doing the same. One such folk mentioned that smaller birds often harass the birds of prey. Well, just this morning. as I was returning from the mail box. I heard all sorts of squawking in the pine trees. Sure enough, some birds were doing their best to get a hawk to move on. Loud, I tell you. Eventually, he got the picture.
It was so high up I can't be sure, but I think it was mockingbirds causing all the ruckus. They escorted him on his way.
While we are, surprisingly (!), on the subject of birds, I was off by a few weeks on the peacock babies. While making the collages, I came across a shot from a few years ago dated about the middle of June. Well you know where I went to see what I could see. There were a bunch more peacocks than I saw on my last visit, including this guy whose tail feathers seemed to have gone AWOL.
It was as odd as could be. I did notice he had a limp as well, so maybe he's old, or sick? I saw about six babies, seemed like three per mama.
Crossing paths?
I reminded you how adorable they are, and you can now confirm that I was not exaggerating! I really do admire people who get fantastic bird shots because they are anything but easy. You may wonder why I keep trying with the owls, and I'll tell you why--I still have not got the perfect shot, in spite of them being so accommodating of late. One of the kids flew down pretty low, so low in fact that if I were taller, AND braver, I could almost have reached out and touched him.
Well, maybe a slight exaggeration, but I was standing adjacent to these awesome tree trunks! Around our house, the cardinals are coming around non stop..
and the woodpeckers are plentiful.
And, if you are looking for a flower that can withstand the summer heat and humidity, look no further than this little one in the succulent family. You can just break off a chunk, throw it on the ground, and before you know it, they will not only root, but spread as well.
Tomorrow is Father's Day, and the Father in this household has been a little under the weather this week. David, the only son in town at the moment, because Bill and Fallon have gone to Vero Beach for her birthday, called to schedule an evening out tonight, but the truth is, he is not quite up to it. We'll just wait until he's feeling perkier, which we hope will be soon. He does, however, have two cards waiting from Jon and Matt so that will be nice.

Here's hoping we won't be having record heat tomorrow if Bruce is us to setting up the booth which is up in the air as I type. May well be a good excuse not to go!!

Keeping her fingers crossed,


p.s. this post seems to be full of puns--did you notice?

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