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Starting Fresh

Just about every Sunday, someone asks me about setting up a booth at the market. What does it cost, where do you get a tent, do you have to come every week, how do I apply?? Those sorts of questions. One question usually left out is, "how hard is it to sell here?" Every now and again someone asks that, but it is rare. So, knowing me as you do, I tell them anyway. I tell them it is hard. Hard to sell art, hard to come every week, hard to manage the heat, and the weather in general, and hard to stay fresh. Sometimes I do a good job with all of those things, and sometimes not so much.

I will admit that lately I haven't done a very good job with the freshness part. Coming home from the market, we are mostly hot and glad it is over, so dutifully we unload the Pilot, and forget about it for the week. The heat of the day is at its most extreme at 5 when we get home, so you can't blame us, can you? Sure, I put in weekly orders, get the prints signed and ready, however, that is merely adding to what we have. With that in mind, this week I put my mind to the task of purging and refreshing my prints. Carrying everything into my office, I went through the whole shebang.
For the most part, people buy the same stuff week after week. That said, I have a lot of repeat customers always looking for something new. Going through my vast, and I kid you not, it is vast, photo library, I search for things that might be appealing to someone other than myself. It's always a crap shoot. During the purge I would look at something, and wonder why it never sold, however, I suppose that is always the way for someone in sales. Cringe here because I can't bear to think of myself as a saleswoman, but essentially that is what I am. I emptied out a lot, and we shall see how things go today. After yesterday afternoon's 3 1/2 rainstorm, we may just be crazy going but as is always the case, while I type, Bruce is setting up the booth...

In other news, looks like the baby Woodpecker is back...
Or maybe it is a new one? While talking on the phone to Angela yesterday I heard what I thought was the sound of a bird flying into the window. Yup, sure enough, this female Red Winged Blackbird found the front door.
The good news is that after a bit, she got the nerve to fly away without our aid. Speaking of woodpeckers, they seem to have been feasting on the trunk of our Chinese Fan Palm out front. I'm pretty sure it is not the squirrels, but then again, when it comes to chewing, you can never count out the squirrels.
The cardinals are beginning to look a little shabby, molting season is upon us. The wimpy stemmed sunflowers are bending under the weight of their flowers for which the birds are most grateful. No impediment to the feeder now!
Speaking of the sunflowers, most of the buds are open aside from these odd ones...
Any day now we shall see what these buds amount to. There are actually three on this stem. So odd, but isn't that what makes life interesting? Surprises everywhere you turn.

The other day, riding by the "reality" show house, this was painted on the front. Do you suppose Keith is the producer?
If these are potential colors for the house, I'm with Keith--NO!

The sky is a mix of mostly big clouds and a smattering of blue...let us hope that the blue wins out today. Nothing worse than taking down in the rain!

Fresh and ready,

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