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The World Keeps on Turning

Emailing with Jane the other day, thanking her for solving the Matthew gift dilemma, I mentioned that I often write about the weather, not only because of how it affects our daily lives, but also as a record of what was what on the day that I wrote. More often than not, or at least I know it is true for me, I remember something one way, when in fact, the memory is faulty. With that in mind I decided to go back in the Camera Crazy archives and include a post from five years ago about this same time. Well, wouldn't you know it, I did not write about the weather but I did write that it was my 701 post. Five years later I'm on post #1429. That is a fair amount of time writing, for sure.

Well, it has taken me about three years to do it, but this morning, after riding up to Publix to drop off a crazy amount of plastic bags for recycling, I glanced down and lo and behold, I was pert near 3,000 miles on the odometer. I could not find the post when I began riding, but this one shows 100 miles ridden. You would think by now I'd be way bored with the scenery, however, it just seems like there is always something going on worth noticing.
I wonder if I should name my bike? Any thoughts on this?

So, continuing my consistent ways, once again, I entered the city calendar photo contest. Not nearly as excited as I was in the past, I took some photos about two months ago and let them sit. They have to be black and white in an 8x10 format which requires cropping to size, something I rarely do. Then too, you have to put the address of the house on the back. Thinking I could easily locate the houses I put to print, that was not the case at all. In fact, in spite of looking, looking, looking, I never could find the house that turned out the best. Nonetheless, I entered three, using some cute little note papers Jon and Alissa brought back from their Japanese honeymoon.
Dropping them off at the Historic Preservation board offices on the 6th floor of City Hall, I had remarked to the guards that it was going to take me longer to make a badge and go through security then it was to leave my photos. I've been through this before. Making use of the time spent creating said badge,  I decided to head into the art gallery on the first floor before leaving. Was I ever delighted to see that our sister-in-law Ruth, married to my brother Pat, had entered the employee art contest and here are two of her cheerful photographs on the wall!
Aren't they great?? Furthermore, I'm an Altoids girl, not to mention a clock girl, so this brought a smile to my face.
Parking on Rosalind, I walked through the Performing Arts Center courtyard and was somewhat surprised that, although the umbrellas are on lock down, the table and chairs are not. Strange.
Speaking of government offices and such, who amongst you can believe that I need a license to sell photography while an Uber driver needs nothing to drive folks around?
Obviously $30 is not much, but still.....

So many photos of papers today, my goodness. Here's one more. Making biscuits again, although I could have gotten the iPad for the recipe, after all, you all were so kind to share your secrets, I decided instead to use a cookbook from Bruce's Mom. Called "Country Cookbook", a compilation of recipes from folks in Henderson, New York to raise money for the Henderson Free Library, I checked the index and turned to page 5. I did not tell Bruce until we were eating that I had used his Aunt Helen's biscuit recipe!
Let's just say this, a good many of the included recipes would not face muster today! Not a single one includes Kale! Which reminds me, recently I read a list of healthy greens somewhere on the WWW, can't find the same one but here's pretty much the same list from a different site.  Watercress, we should all be eating watercress. Romaine lettuce and spinach are up there too!

As you might remember about two months ago I bemoaned the tearing down of Lucerne Hospital and the vast parking lot that faced Orange Avenue. The big mountains of debris? Sound familiar? Now it is well established that I will go to great lengths to take a photograph, however, yesterday was perhaps even a bit much for me! Driving to downtown I noticed a STOP sign left from the parking lot. You'll understand shortly. Anyway, returning home, I took a right on Gore, looking for a place to park. Not so fast. Eventually, I parked across the street, put my keys in my back pocket, and ran across the four lanes when no one was coming. Much to my horror, the keys fell out of my pocket in the middle of the road!!! Not only do I have my key fob on my chain, but the one for Bruce's car as well. It doe not take a rocket scientist to imagine what came next. YES, you are right!! A car ran over them. But, and this is a big but, only the corner, thank God!! Watching from the curb I was dying!! All to show you what a crummy job they did dismantling the parking lot!
Visitors parking too! The sun was beaming down leaving the harsh light, but you get my drift. Apparently they used some sort of grass seed. Well, all's well that ends well and the keys, once I dashed back out to get them, were just fine. Don't tell Bruce about this, okay?

Forgive me if I've run on too long, but there's more that needs recording. Those owls have just about won everyone's heart, and as I've mentioned before, people are ready to chat about it. Well, late last week I was stopped on my un-named bicycle, scanning the trees for what seems to be the only owl left. No one has seen the parents, or for that matter, the sibling for weeks now. :( Anyway, a very nice woman, walking her dog, stopped and asked what was capturing my attention? Long story short, Sherri and I had a super chat. Learning that she'd very recently purchased a home on the far end of our street, I vowed to become acquainted. As such, when Catherine was gathering the ladies over at Cheryle's for supper, I invited Sherri. I'll tell you more about her in the future, but let's put it this way---she's got one of the brightest smiles I've ever seen. (pictured on the left)
Two weeks from now, Catherine (r) will head home to the Isle of Wight for the next six months. We will miss her exuberance, to say the least.

I thought you'd like to know that Bruce's job is going gang busters. I mean really well. The grout problems are all sorted out, and according to him, the tile work is some of the best he's seen in 25 years of project managing. What, pray tell, will he worry about now that things are going so super???
Let us hope and pray that the answer to that is----NOTHING!!

Thanks for reading,

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