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With a Little Help from Our Friends

Well, they aren't really our friends, but the title sounds good anyway!

Whereas we were receiving gobs and gobs of rain in May, June was much dryer, and July is looking like it may repeat June's pattern. Thus, when we venture outdoors, or I should say, when I venture outdoors, I jump right in to keep cool.
Friday, before mowing the lawn, I did a pool dip, which was just enough to get me through that chore. You can see how crazy sunny it has been, and it lasts almost all day, unlike some summers when the storm clouds roll in during the late morning, build throughout the afternoon, and burst forth just when people are driving home from work. More than a few days I've worried about Bill being stuck on the interstate in massive rainstorms. Too date, my worries are entirely misplaced, but I'm a Mom--what can I say?

And you've heard me mention it before, but here is how I keep my cool at the market.
You might note it says high velocity, and I can vouch for that. So can all of the young ladies who have nearly had their skirts blown up, ala Marilyn Monroe, while visiting my booth! Yesterday was no exception on the sunny and hot front, and believe you me, I was thrilled when the day was over. When I went to retrieve the car for loading, the temperature reading inside was 103 degrees!! In spite of the heat, folks came, and a number of them bought. Go figure?

Here is one patron's basket after visiting Jonathan, our farmer guy's tables.
You can bet I encouraged him to try grilling the okra! I just can't keep my mouth shut.

We had a super fun July 4, beginning over at Lake Pineloch with a cook out at Burch's place, a friend (our age) of our twins. David brought the paddle board, and you know who decided to give it a try. After some instruction, and ENCOURAGEMENT, from him, I managed to stand up and paddle!
Bruce gave it a go as well, while listening to David calling out from the boat house area.
Following that, we headed over to the condo pool, which is just fabulous. Here are the girls who refuse to get their hair wet, although I did try to splash them during multiple jumps in the water!
Never worked though. Me, I've been going around looking like a dog with my hair a mess from almost daily swimming. :)

Around 5:00 we stopped by the house for the macaroni salad I'd made earlier, and went to Lisa and Oren's lovely home in Southern Oaks. Pam and Lisa both have the same idea.
After a few hours we realized that we are in our 60's, and this much partying is beyond our capabilities, so we made our way home in the midst of the crack of fireworks going off from every direction. More and more people are doing them at home, and nearby neighbors are no exception. Did we stay up to watch? What do you think?

Which brings me to today. Or a few weeks ago first. My friend Carol who lives in Washington State, posted this hilarious blog on my fb page a few weeks ago. Called, Pattern Behavior, it is a riot! Someone, far more clever than I, posts a photo of a pattern jacket with subtitles for the models. Anyway, it is good for some serious laughs, even if you don't sew. Imagine my surprise when Regina came to the door this morning with a little gift for me. Handing it to Bruce she said she could not resist.
When I called to thank her, she said maybe I don't write notecards? I assured her I still do. A little later, actually just as I'd put lunch on the table, I went to check the mail, finding amongst the junk an envelope from the Strombergs, addressed to Bruce and Gail. I assumed it was a thank you note for some graduation money I'd sent her son Michael, however, he'd already called, so what could it be? Well, here is one page of it....
It was the 4th of July that Angela last updated the Caring Bridge site in case you are interested. If not, the gist is that day by day he is becoming weaker, however, as evidenced above he is still the sweet guy we know and love. Apparently he wrote this last week, and as she mentioned in her tiny note, she knows we will treasure it. And so we will. (I immediately penned a note to Matt using the above male model note card.)

Another health update comes from Tim, Alan's partner. Now, perhaps you need a reminder who they are? Alan is our friend who contacted bacterial meningitis, and had to have both legs removed as a result. I've been meaning to tell you that he finally went home from rehab, in high spirits. That was what I'd been hearing each week at the market. This Sunday, Tim came to my booth, and there was Alan, through the magic of Face Time. Smiling and happy no less! My heart was bursting with happiness. I suspect we never know how much we can handle what life puts in our way until we are faced with it. You think?

Despite our heat induced weariness last evening, we managed to stay up and watch the USA women win the World Cup...what a game!! In this photo, taken during my April visit to Vancouver, you can just see a peek of the stadium.
Although my post title today was written slightly tongue and cheek, I realized after writing this post that life is all about a little help from our friends, isn't it?

feeling loved,

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