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Another Rainy Day

As I type this, there are lovely white puffy clouds in a brilliant blue sky, with warm sunshine brightening everything. So, why the title? Well, since last I wrote, there has been more rain, along with general doom and gloom for the previous two days. By now you may be sick and tired of reading about all of this year's rain, and frankly, I'm sick of writing about it, however, documenting life is what we are all about here at Camera Crazy, and the minute it quits incessantly raining, I'll quit, and that's a promise!

One more thing though to reassure you that I'm not exaggerating, the paper today claims we've already had a year's worth of rain in the first nine months. Now we know.

The other morning when I went to witness the sunrise, because I was oh so close, I stopped to take more photos of the horses in the nearby field. At first I did not see them, but soon enough I could just make out their running forms in the far part of the field. That was nice.

It was during what, in photography lingo, is called the "golden hour"; that is just fancy talk for the hour after sunrise, or the same before sunset.
Trying to figure out a place to park my car was my biggest problem. Then too, it was a mighty good thing I'd worn my trusty Keds because the long grass was saturated as were those trusty Keds when I got home!
While I was standing alongside the fencing, a hawk flew up over my head, landing on the electricity pole. I knew the tail feathers were unfamiliar to me, so naturally, Google came to my rescue. It is a Cooper's Hawk, not to be confused with the restaurant with the same name on International Drive.
Eventually the horses began to come my way:
I just knew that dark blue sky did not mean that I would be happy with Monday's weather! It is a darn good thing these horses are not located within my bicycle's range, or I can see myself quickly becoming obsessed!
There is plenty for them to graze on what with all of the rain! I love the tail on the white horse--so lush!
Lest you think we only eat and drink, I rallied the Sunday Night Gang to join me in calling the code enforcement office to complain about the eyesore at the corner of Delaney and Pineloch Avenue, which gets worse everyday!
I figured if enough people complain, they will finally do something about it, especially since now someone has dumped couches along the side!
Turns out it was last August that I made my first call, and as a result, they put the fencing around the actual building which looks almost worse than it did without it. Yesterday afternoon I heard back from the chief inspector, learning that a dentist owns the property, which is accruing fines of $150/day because he was given one year to demolish it. Allegedly, the plans call for a new office building, but I'll believe it when I see it. The days go by so quickly I can't be sure just how long it has remained empty, however, what I do know is that, whatever the time frame, it is far too long!

We have a new restaurant not far from the above corner called Noodles & Co. which I wish I could recommend, but I cannot, having tried it last week. I'll be anxious to hear other folks opinion. Perhaps mine was an isolated crummy meal? I'm not quite sure if I can convey this in writing, but here goes anyway. Months ago, when construction was just underway, I stopped while bicycle riding to ask what was being built. The fellow I talked to said, a restaurant called "Nudeless." So, I asked him to repeat himself, which he did. I then repeated it back....Nudeless? How do you spell that? He spelled noodles, to which I replied, isn't that noodles? Nope, they said it was Nudeless. Well, who knew?

The mail, and don't you just love getting mail, because I sure do! These arrived in the mailbox Tuesday from Nancy. Aren't they adorable?
The little birdies flew onto my ears where they have remained ever since!

Yesterday it rained so hard, and early in the morning no less, that even I used an umbrella when I had to do some errands. For about ten minutes, just before sunset, the sun shone its' face.
The retention ponds, everywhere you look, are filled to the brim!

I guess it's been about a year now that I've been having a dickens of a time with my sinuses at night when I lie down for sleep. My eyes water, my sinuses drain, and I begin coughing. After a time it usually quits, and I sleep. With B gone for so many nights, I've not been sleeping as well as I might, and if I wake up, I go through the earlier description all over again. So it was last night that a dream woke me around 3:45 in the morning. I sure as hell did not want to get up that early, but for a time, I thought I might have to what with all the nose blowing etc. No telling when I drifted off again, not waking until 8 AM today to the sun streaming through the blinds. Letting Baxter out the back door, look what finally greeted me after three day's absence!
If only it were days ago! Bruce was not as interested as I in the blood moon/lunar eclipse, however, I told him when God puts on a show, I want to witness it! As I'm sure most of you do too.

In restaurant news, two weeks from today, they open for business! The team is frantically working out all the kinks and finishing up and I can tell you it won't be a moment too soon for Mr. Bruce. :)

Basking in the light,

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